Quick Tip: Picking Up Fabric Fray and Threads

October 16, 2017By Anna AldmonAppliqué, DIY, Tips & Tricks 4 Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

One key success to applique in the hoop is to remove fabric fray and threads before initiating the cover stitch. Once the applique fabric is trimmed, closely to the Tack Down stitches, make sure all the fabric frays and threads are removed from the background fabric. Then return the hoop back to the embroidery unit to complete the cover stitch.

Fabric Fray and Threads

My suggestion (and the way that I do it) is to use tape to pick up the fabric frays and threads. This is a quick and easy way to clean up your project before the cover stitch. Just so you know, there are more fabric frays and threads when using loose weave fabric versus a batik.

Fabric Fray and Threads
Fabric Fray and Threads
Fabric Fray and Threads

To achieve a clean satin cover stitch, remove all the fabric frays and threads after trimming the applique fabric.

Fabric Fray and Threads

This is a sashing block from Bountiful Blessings 1 design which is available from Anna’s Awesome Applique Designs.


  • I use the tape technique all the time to remove left over threads and fray’s, to keep things clean around my machine.

  • I use a lint roller to clean up threads, trimmed corners and frays. I also roll it across my rotary cutting mat and Accuquilt dies. It works on the floor around my machine too for a quick cleanup. All of this for one wrap around the roller.
    The roller removes threads of my flannel design wall too.

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