Custom Embroidered Oven Mitt

January 7, 2021By Jane ClaussAccessories, Embroidery 4 Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

Cozy is the theme this winter! With that in mind, let’s sew a heat resistant oven mitt in the craft room so we can make comforting homemade meals in the kitchen.




  • 1/2 yard thick cotton for the outer layer
  • Heat-resistant batting for the middle layer
  • Regular batting
  • 1/2 year medium weight cotton for the inner layer

Cut two 10 x 12 inch pieces from each fabric.


If you want your oven mitt personalized, add embroidery to one side of the outer layer fabric now. embroidery


To make the pattern, simply draw a mitt-shape around your hand on the craft paper and cut it out.

outline hand


Cut two pieces of each material, so you have a front and a back side of each.

cutting fabric


cutting fabric layers


Sew each piece of material around each layer individually: top layer, heat resistant layer, batting layer and inside layer.  You will end up with four separate mitts.

fabric cutouts


sewing fabric


Clip the curves around the mitt for the outer layer and turn the outer layer right side out.

outter layer


Insert the heat resistant batting into the outer layer of the mitt.

heat resistant layer


Insert the regular batting into the two layers.

batting layer


Without turning it right side out, insert the inside layer into all three layers of the mitt.

inside layer


Once all the layers of the mitt are inserted into one another, trim the raw edge at the cuff.

mitt layers inserted


trim fabric


Pin bias tape around the raw edge of the cuff and sew it into place.

pinned bias tape


And viola, you have a DIY heat resistant oven mitt that pairs perfectly with your love for cooking!

finished mitt




  • how did you embroider the name? Is that another file or program i have to purchase to embroider names?

    • Hi Charlestine! The name is embroidered using the fonts already loaded on my embroidery machine…I used a Brother Essence Innov-is VM5200 to do the embroidery. So no, you don’t need to buy the file or program if you already have an embroidery machine that has the alphabet. I simply programmed in what I wanted it to say!

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