The Jungle Book Nap-time Fun Cot Sheet

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The Jungle Book Nap-time Fun Cot Sheet

Your preschooler will love his personalized Disney Jungle Book cot sheet. At rest time, he will imagine himself swinging through the jungle with Mowgli and his beastie pals under the blazing Africa sun. While studying the charming Jungle Book characters and remembering his own adventure in the picture pocket, he soon will catch 40 winks –or hopefully at least lie quietly. With your Brother sewing and embroidery machine, exclusive designs, some fabric and a few notions, you can create this kid-pleasing cot sheet.

Machine embroidered cot sheets are great auction items for school fundraisers. Make a few ahead and personalize them with a name after purchase.

This cot sheet is heavily embellished. But it can be your blank canvas for more or fewer designs and varied fabrics. Any finished 24″ x 47″ piece with elasticized corners will do.


    • fabric: sky: (2) 23″ w x 24″ selvage
    • Savannah grass: (1) 26″ x 27″, (4) 2 ½” w x 27″ L
    • yellow/gold gingham check: (2) 3″ x 23″

iBroidery 4 x 4 frame designs:

iBroidery 5 x 7 frame designs:

Notes: Drawn lines must be erasable with water or heat.





  1. Fold each sky fabric piece in half, each measuring 12″ x 23″. Fabric above the fold will serve as lining when embroidery is complete.
  2. Mark line 1 ½” above and parallel to lower raw edges with washout marking pen. Embroidery designs must sit ½” or more above marked line.
  3. Draw line ½” from each short side. This is the side seam allowance. Embroidery stitches must come no closer than ½” from the side of this marked line. The given placement measurements will keep the designs in proper position.
  4. Mark 3 ½” square in each upper corner, against side seam allowance line. Draw diagonal line in each square as shown. This corner will be folded under along diagonal line in construction process.
  5. Open folded piece and mark placement of designs on the lower half, with crease at top. The remaining half above the crease will serve as lining to cover the embroidery. Set second sky fabric piece aside.

Brother Machine Embroidery

  1. Embroider designs as shown. Design centers are positioned as listed:
  1. Jungle Book Buddies (DJB201601)–5 ⅛” from bottom line, 9 ¾” from left side line
  2. Baloo dancing (DJB201602) 1 ⅞” from bottom line, 5 ⅝” from right side
  3. Sher Kahn (DJB201603)–1 ⅝” from bottom line, 2″ from left side
  4. Hathi, Baby Elephant (DJB201604)–1 ½” from bottom line, 9 ⅝” from right side
  5. Bagheera (DJB201605)–1 ⅜” from bottom line, 8 ½” from left side
  6. Vine, top right (331004)–8 ¼” from bottom, 6 ⅞” from right side
  7. Vine, top left, MIRROR IMAGED–(331004) 8 ⅝” from bottom, 7 ¼” from right side
  8. Corn stalk greenery–(331015) 3 ⅜” from bottom, 4 ⅞” from right side
  9. Sun (ATGNA017)–5 ⅜” from bottom, 9 ¼” from right side
  10. Dieffenbachia greenery (331012) –3 ½” from bottom, 1 ⅞” from left side
  11. OPTIONAL: ladybug extracted from BIC-MTGBAB002 sits on any leaf of Dieffenbachia, small yo-yo placed over sun
    1. Press one gingham strip in half to measure 1 ½” x 23”.
    2. Join folded gingham to sky embroidery with ½”seam allowance, right sides together and raw edges even. Baste top edge along fold to sky fabric for ease in applying rick rack.


    1. Stitch 23” green rick rack over folded edge of gingham. Remove basting threads.


    1. Seam Savannah grass 2 ½” x 24″ to each side of embroidered sky fabric with ½” seam allowance.


NOTE: Panel should measure 26″ wide.




  1. Create name file. When sizing the name, keep in mind that the two Jungle Book embroideries, Baloo and Kaa, will take up almost 6 ½”. Though the piece is 23″ wide, the embroidered width, including the name, should not exceed 22″.
  2. Mark the sides ½” from raw edge, bottom 1 ½” from raw edge, fold line 12″ above bottom edge, and corners 3 ½” square, as top panel. Also mark center for name placement.
  3. Embroider bottom panel and continue as on top panel: add gingham border, baste in place, stitch rickrack over folded gingham, add grass borders.
  4. Apply memory pocket in chosen spot with straight stitch, leaving top open for photo insertion. Stitch very close to edge of vinyl. Take care not to overlap marked corner squares.
  5. Stitch rick rack over vinyl edges.



    1. Press sky panel along fold line. Baste bottom raw edges together.
    2. Stitch brown piping to gold gingham with ½” seam allowance. Sew through both layers of sky fabric.
    3. Add piping to both top and bottom panel.
TIP: Use contrasting thread in the bobbin. This is a visible guide line when seaming the center panel to top and bottom panels.


    1. Stack top panel on body of cot sheet, right sides together. With contrasting thread as a guide, seam two pieces together.
      Serge or zig zag to clean finish seam.


    1. Repeat with bottom panel. All three pieces are now joined.
    2. Finish sides by folding raw edges ½” and then another ½” enclosing raw edge of side seam. Stitch close to folded edges.


    1. Cut elastic into four 8 ½” pieces.
    2. Press corner to underside, along diagonal line. Insert elastic into fold of grass border. Repeat on remaining 3 corners. With green thread, stitch in place, reinforcing the attachment.


    1. Insert opposite end of elastic into fold of sky fabric. From right side, stitch just inside marked lines of square with matching blue thread. Repeat on remaining corners.


  1. Rinse out marks and press.
  2. Nap time!
    These Disney embroidery designs have been manufactured by Brother under a licensing agreement with The Walt Disney Company, through which Brother has permission to use Disney images. The embroidery patterns offered on iBroidery are for personal non-commercial use only. No license is granted for any commercial use of these embroidery patterns and any such use is strictly prohibited.




  • This is such a useful project. I like the way you worked in the elastic to accommodate different sized cots. With the embroidered name there is no way to get it confused with other sheets.
    Thank you, Janice

  • Susanna, I’m glad you like this project. For a young preschooler, the embroidered name might help a young preschooler learn to recognize his name and help him to stay put on his cot. He might even rest!

  • Brilliantly done! I especially like the photo pocket. It’s always the personalization that delights the most. Cot sheets are wonderful presents for little ones and mom’s alike.

    • Rebecca, the photo pocket makes it easy to remind a child of a special event or day in his short little life. He may not even remember that he went to GatorLand or Sea World if he visited a year ago. A weekly picture of family outings, far away relatives or whatever can add real interest to nap time.

    • Rheeta, a sheet could be embroidered with whatever the child’s interests are. There are embroidery designs for almost any theme. Just check out what is available from There are designs for almost ever Disney character as well as other non-Disney collections. has it all.

    • Jeannette, cot sheets were a whole new concept for me. When my children were preschoolers, they “rested” on an old quilt or blanket. I made a quilted mat for my son with his fortunately short name, RYAN, applique’d the length of the mat. He was the only one with a special, personalized mat. Mothers raved. The mat was passed down to a younger boy named Ryan and then another Ryan after that. Now that preschool cots are in use, a sheet like this is quick and easy to make–much easier than the quilted, applique’d mat I made many years ago.

    • Thanks for your comment, Donna. Wouldn’t it be fun to make a Halloween, Christmas, Easter and birthday cot sheet? This is a great project for far away aunties or grandmothers to send off to the precious little ones. It would be a daily reminder that Grandma/Auntie loves them.

  • Janice,
    Another Winner! This is delightful! If there is anything left of this wonder, it can be tucked away at Grandmas and used by that all grownup–TEENAGER–as a “grandma loves me– pillow cuddle– cover” You are amazing! Security blanket, from Preschool to High school!

  • Judy, what a great idea to use part of the sheet for a “grandma loves me-pillow cuddle-cover!” In the quiet of night, a teen can recall those carefree preschool days! Thanks for your kind comment and another use for the cot sheet.

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