Pooh and a Field of Flowers Tutorial

June 6, 2018By Janice FergusonEmbroidery, Garment, Projects 28 Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

Pooh Bear Outfit

Summer, Pooh, flowers and cool, comfy play clothes—that’s what sewing this time of year is all about. The easy-to-sew, fully lined tunic with coordinating capris is a joy to stitch on THE Dream Machine or a Quattro. The design is built in on these machines. Alternatively, the design can be purchased at iBroidery.com. So, pull out a few summer fabrics, a pattern and get comfy in front of THE Dream Machine by Brother for a fun project. This Pooh outfit will make any little girl smile!

Note: This is a large design. To make it fit the size 4, the tunic pattern had to be lengthened so the butterfly did not get cut away. If the dress pattern had been used, the design would fit.


  • Patterns: Children’s Corner “Charlotte” or any button front, sleeveless A-line swing top and any capri
  • Fabric: For top: white cotton twill, floral print cotton. For shorts: red bottom weight
  • Thread: embroidery thread to coordinate with colors in print fabric, thread for construction
  • Notions: piping, elastic, buttons
  • Feet: edge stitch foot SA191, quarter inch foot

Embroidery designs:

  • Bees for Capri Leg (iBroidery Item Number: BIC-ATGNA020)
  • Pooh in Field of Flowers (iBroidery Item Number: exd03 01)
  • Pooh Bear Outfit
    With Children’s Corner name on pattern


    Pooh Bear Outfit
    Without Children’s Corner name on pattern
    Note: Instructions are for size 4. Adapt measurements as needed for other sizes.
    Note: The seam allowance for the pattern shown is ¼”. Adjust the instructions to the seam allowance on your pattern if it differs, i.e. substitute 5/8” or whatever for every ¼” instruction. Use ¼” foot if it meets the seam allowance requirement.
    1. Cut one much, much larger piece of white twill (or whatever you are using) than needed for the design. Because you cannot print a template, the only way to be certain of placement is to stitch out a practice piece or embroider a very large piece of fabric over which you can lay the front pattern piece.
    2. Pin the pattern in place over embroidered piece, taking care to place embroidery as desired.
    Note: If the design is too wide for the front in your chosen size, you could place the pattern piece so that the blue butterfly is in the armscye and thus eliminated.
    1. Cut out a second white front as well as two front print lining pieces.
    2. Cut out 1 white twill back and one print lining back.
    3. Stitch shoulder seams of each with allotted seam allowance. Press seams open.
    4. Cut out 2 ruffles. For a size 4, this pattern offers an oval which is 12.5” x 2.75”. Fold in half lengthwise and press. Mark the center at half the length.

    Pooh Bear Outfit

    1. Run gathering stitches along both layers of the curved raw edge. Gather ruffles to half their original length, i.e. from 12.5” to 6.25”.
    2. Optional: Apply 7” red piping to front armholes, centered on the shoulder seam.
    3. Stitch gathered ruffle to armholes, aligning halfway mark with shoulder seam.

    Pooh Bear Outfit

    1. Place the white fabric on top of the lining, right sides together. Stitch up the front, around the neckline and down the other front. Then stitch the armholes.

    Pooh Bear Outfit

    1. Stitch side seams of white fabric, stopping ¼” (or pattern’s seam allowance) before hemline.
    2. Turn right side out and press.
    3. Flip garment front on top of lining.
    4. Pin white front to white back at side and stitch seam, stop stitching ¼” (or 1 seam allowance) at hemline, as when stitching front seams.

    1. Repeat stitching on second side seam but leave a 6” opening in the middle of the lining. This opening will be used to access the hemline and turn the garment right side out.
    2. Mark the center of each front and the back, both the white and the print lining.
    3. Reach into the 6” opening in the lining seam and grasp the far corner. Pull both lining and white fabric through the opening and pin, matching the center front line and the side seam. Stitch this quarter of the hem.

    Pooh Bear Outfit

    1. Continue pinning and stitching the hem ¼ at a time, from the side seam to the center back, then to the next side seam. Stop there.
    Note: Pinning and stitching just ¼ of the hem at a time makes it is less likely that the hem will stretch.
    1. Turn the garment right side out, through the 6” opening. Pull the last ¼ section (side seam to front seam) through the opening. Turn the two hem pieces right side together. Stitch that final section.

    Pooh Bear Outfit

    1. Turn right side out and press.
    2. Close the 6” opening by hand sewing.
    3. Stitch buttonholes on right side. Add buttons to other side.

    Pooh Bear Outfit

    Note: For a fun detail, different thread colors were used for each button.

    Pooh Bear Outfit


    1. Use capri pattern of choice and cut out red fabric.
    2. Embroider bees on front of left leg.

    Pooh Bear Outfit

    1. Stitch the remaining seams and clean finish the raw edges.
    2. Cut two 2” strips of print fabric 1.66-1.75 time the width of the pant leg. Fold in half lengthwise and seam short ends with straight stitch, creating a circle.
    3. Run two rows of gathering threads on doubled raw edge. Draw up to fit capri hem.
    4. Pin with gathered raw edge even with capri hem edge. Join ruffle with 3/8” seam.
    5. Clean finish the gathered inside edge with zig zag, overcast stitch or serging.
    Note: The side cutter works well.

    Pooh Bear Outfit

    1. Use edge stitch foot SA191 to top stitch ¼” above seam to hold ruffle in place. Press seam toward pant leg.
    2. Slide leg into free arm and run the edge stitch foot blade “in the ditch.” Move needle 4 positions to the left and straight stitch, holding the ruffle upright. Straight stitch in place.

    Pooh Bear Outfit

    1. Stitch waistline casing as per directions and insert elastic.
    2. Delight a little girl with Pooh and Piglet in the wildflowers.


  • Thank you, Joanne, for your kind comment and noticing the bees. Butterflies flit around the flowers, but where there are blossoms bees seem to show up. I like to think they were on their way to the field of flowers.

  • What an adorable outfit! I love the choice of fabrics, embroidery design, etc. – it is just perfect. These instructions are wonderful!

    • Thank you for your kind comment, Carol. With all cotton fabrics and the delightful Pooh design, I think any little girl would be comfortable and happy to wear this. I’m glad you find the instructions clear.

  • Janice, you have outdone yourself! This outfit is so charming!

    The directions are very clear and the photographs are very helpful.

    • Thanks, Terry, but it’s hard to stitch anything less than charming with this sweet design and the comfortable Charlotte pattern. Thanks for your comment.

    • Esther, thanks for your kind comment. Sometimes I think my instructions are too tedious. Personally, I have a very hard time with even simple written instructions. But hearing from you and others reconfirms my decision to include very detailed directions.

  • Dear Janice,
    This outfit has a sweetness to it that is so appropriate for a little girl. The swing top will be cool on a summer day for sure. Would there be a way to take part of the Pooh embroidery design from the front of the top? I am embroidering the 4 butterflies to the back should of the top for a little interest as well. How would I do that? Would it be possible?
    Keep your creative ideas coming, please.

    • Cheryle, I appreciate your comment. Finding that floral lawn in my stash was a bonus. I think it really brought the embroidery design and the whole outfit together.

  • What an adorable summer outfit! All the details make it extra-special, and I can just imagine a little one finding the bees below her knees, the butterflies almost escaping under her arm, and of course, reliable, huggable Pooh. As always, Janice’s instructions are detailed and clear!

  • Donna, your sweet comment is greatly appreciated. I love details and this pattern and design offered many opportunities for including them.

  • This is by far the sweetest little outfit I have seen in a long time. Makes me want to get busy for the great- grand twins who are coming!

  • Then get busy, Rheeta. Once they come there will be more and more sewing to do, and the outfits will have to be double! Thanks for your comment.

  • This is so precious! I like seeing this type of outfit on little ones. It’s so classic! Thank you for your post and for the always clear and easy to follow directions!

    • Terri, classic outfits on children are a joy to behold. So many ready-to-wear garments have tasteless, inappropriate text. Outfits like this are so easy to sew, and so sweet with the Disney designs. Thanks for your thoughtful comment!

  • Thanks for another great project! THANKS, especially for the “Print” feature!!! It works great and is greatly appreciated.

    • Shirley, I’m glad you found the print feature interesting. I love seeing fabric shadow through–if it looks good! Thanks for your kind comment.

  • Janice this is adorable. I have got to make my little Evie Joy one. Thank you for the great directions. You have the best imagination with your clothing ideas.

    • Thanks, Kay, I’m so glad you find the directions clear and the garment design pleasing. Your little Evie Joy would be cute, cool and comfy wearing this. Isn’t the Pooh design sweet?

  • Charming outfit. Pooh bear will make my grand baby very happy. Loved the bees. Great idea and clear instructions. Thank you!

  • Gale, this is just the look I like to see little ones wearing. Your grand baby would be cool and comfortable in this. It’s not a difficult project. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for your comment.

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