Quick Tip: Keep Basic Stabilizers Handy

May 13, 2017By Joanne BankoEmbroidery, Tips & Tricks No Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

Always keep basic stabilizers such as cutaway, tear-away, and wash-away on hand. Nothing stifles creativity more than running out of the basics when inspiration strikes!

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Check out this post by Angela Wolf, the first in a new series about what stabilizer to use when! Stabilizer How To1-cover

Stabilizer How To: Embroidering a Baby Bodysuit

It is so fun to have a new baby join the family! Yes, I am a new Auntie! A quick customized gift is in order, so how about an embroidered bodysuit? Bodysuit MONOGRAM1The little guy came a few weeks early, so a preemie size it is. This bodysuit is so small, it will be a challenge to hoop and have enough room for the embroidered name. Instead, I will float the garment on top of the hoop.

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