From Sea to Shining Sea Patriotic Outfit

June 29, 2018By Janice FergusonDIY, Embroidery, Projects 16 Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

Independence Day is just around the corner. From sea to shining sea, from the west coast to the east, to the great state of Texas in the south, our great country celebrates July 4th with parades, picnics and celebrations of all sorts. And, of course, we also have Mickey Mouse. He is recognized through the world as a USA icon. With your Brother Disney embroidery machine, there is still time to whip up a red, white, and blue easy outfit for a special little guy. He will be well dressed for those festive events as well as Labor Day later in the summer.

Beginning with ready-to-wear shirt and shorts, you need only go to for these designs. Choose this fun Mickey Born in the USA embroidery design for the shirt and the patriotic starburst for his shorts. The star theme is used throughout—in the shirt fabric, on the “Born” lettering and on the starburst shorts design. Your child may have been born in Japan or Brazil or anywhere in the world, but Mickey Mouse WAS born in the USA. He is the All-American Mouse.

Pick a shirt and shorts off the rack and start embroidering. This outfit will be finished in an easy afternoon.


Shirt Instructions

  1. Remove pocket if there is one. Save for use on an applique PROJECT.

Sea to Shining Sea

  1. Press and starch embroidery area.
Note: By outlining the still visible seam line and marking the center of the pocket area, you can achieve perfect placement for your design.
  1. Load design DISWT_1 to memory stick.
  2. Open embroidery menu. Select memory stick.

Sea to Shining Sea

  1. Bring up “Mickey Born in the USA” design. You can see the dimensions are 3.57” height and 3.73” width.

Sea to Shining Sea

  1. If necessary, rotate the design 180 degrees.
Note: Pockets are almost always below the left shoulder. That makes placement in the hoop with the bulk of the shirt to the right, crowded against the head of the machine. It IS easier to rotate the design 180 degrees, placing the rest of the shirt on the other side.
  1. Insert tearaway stabilizer and shirt in 4×4 frame and embroider.

Sea to Shining Sea

  1. Remove stabilizer and press.

Sea to Shining Sea


  1. Open right leg inside seam of shorts for access to embroidery area. You may need to open the seam almost to the crotch area.
  2. With design Item Number: BIC-ATGAMF015 loaded onto memory stick, open in embroidery menu, as on the shirt.
  3. The design was 3.86 x 3.43”, approximately the same size as the shirt embroidery.

Sea to Shining Sea

Note: I preferred for it to be smaller so the size was reduced easily with this feature on THE Dream Machine. Other Brother machine have similar resizing functions.

  1. Reduce design by going to edit screen, selecting SIZE and then selecting the resize tool. Use the arrows below and to the left of the circled tool to reduce to chosen size. I’ve taken the starburst to 2.93 x 2.60.

Sea to Shining Sea

  1. Mark right leg of shorts with cross hairs at chosen location for embroidery.
  2. Hoop stabilizer and shorts leg, embroider. Use of the snowman gives perfect placement accuracy.

Sea to Shining Sea

  1. Stitch leg back together.

Sea to Shining Sea

  1. Get ready to celebrate the birth of our great nation.

Easy peasy, quick and easy. Get dressed for the picnic or parade!

Sea to Shining Sea


  • So clever!
    Remove the pocket–such a good tip!

    Love the fireworks on the shorts—so different—its Cool!

    • Judith, kids in patriotic outfits just warm my heart. So I say embroidery the shirt, embroider the shorts, because, as you said, it’s cool! And if I’d had a hat handy I’d embroider it and add that to the ensemble. Thanks for your comment

  • Such a patriotic outfit perfectly suited to the Fourth of July festivities and your hints and directions are always so easy to follow. I love seeing all you do.

  • Such a cute outfit for the little boys! I’m not an experienced embroiderer and I so much appreciated the tip about rotating the design to more easily position the shirt for embroidery. I’ve always struggled with that on shirts for little ones! Thank you for the clear instructions, Janice!

    • I’m glad that little rotating tip is helpful, Donna. It’s a little disorienting to see the design stitch upside down, but it works. You just have to trust your Brother will stitch it out perfectly because it will! I appreciate your comment, Donna.

  • Dear Janice,
    Good use of ready made clothing when time is short.
    I think this project could also be adapted to be a brother-sister matching
    summer project. I am thinking of an A line sun dress putting the Mickey design at the top left shoulder and the fire cracker at the right hem bottom. If so would any of your directions need to be changed?
    Thank you,
    Susanna Trittschuh

    • Susanna, I LOVE brother-sister outfits and your ideas would be so cute on siblings! No, the directions would be the same. For a girl rotate the “Made in the USA” design and the garment as needed. The star burst could be stitched at the hem easily. We’d love to see your matching set.

  • I really appreciate the ease of this project- right off the rack! And then the design which is embroidered on both shirt and shorts. It is a festive holiday design, thank you for creative ideas- always look forward to seeing them!

  • Kids?!What kids!? I know plenty of adults who would love to have this Mickey design on the back of a denim jacket! I am one of them😍 I might get carried away adding those fireworks- starbursts, too!
    Thanks for the inspiration – again!

    • Catherine, you are absolutely correct! This design is not just for children and when are fireworks not fun??? We would love to see an adult project with this. Please share!

  • This is so cute! I noticed the design on the pant-leg right away. I have that same design and have used it several times on dishtowel gifts for the 4th of July.

    I like your reminder about being able to rotate the shirt design 180 degrees, and to turn the bulk of the shirt going toward the left.

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