TIP: Getting Started With Machine Embroidery

November 1, 2016By Joanne BankoEmbroidery, Tips & Tricks 6 Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

Follow along as Joanne Banko demonstrates easy tips on how to get started when using an embroidery machine.

Using THE Dream Machine, Joanne reveals a recipe for embroidery success for new users and enthusiasts!

Joanne will walk you through all of the basic materials you’ll need to begin embroidering today!

Embroidery Threads
Bobbin Threads
Embroidery Needles

Getting Started With Machine Embroidery

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  • When I monogram, the back side of the fabric looks so much better than the top side. The top side doesn’t fill in as well. The bottom looks very professional — filled in and the stitches are tight and full and close together. I tried adjusting the bobbin thread, trying to tighten it and loosen it. That didn’t help. I’m having to go over my monogram twice so that the top side fills in better. Help!

    • Hello Brenda,
      I spoke with Joanne and she says:
      “First things first, always re-thread top and bobbin when you see tension issues. You may have missed something so it’s best to thread both top and bobbin from scratch. Tweaking bobbin tension is best reserved for machine technicians. Even a small adjustment of bobbin tension can make things considerably worse not better. Try stitching out a built in letter such as an upper case “I” or a “T” with dark thread on top and white “Brother” bobbin thread in the bobbin. When the tension is set properly, on the top side you should see the top thread color only. On the back side you should see one-third of the white bobbin thread in the center, with the other two-thirds of the top thread color on each side of the letter. It is possible that a piece of lint is trapped in the upper area of the machine and altering the tension. It may be time for a good cleaning. ”

  • I am having trouble with multi-color embroidery. Using the SE400, my single color looks great, but when I try a multi-color (trying #36 cat), the white is fine, but none of the other colors are showing up – they almost appear to be pulling the white bobbin thread back over the top, or at least, the upper thread doesn’t appear to be catching. I read that you don’t need to change bobbin thread with upper color, so what else could be the issue? I’ve tried 3 times, (and yes, i’m appropriately changing the upper thread color 🙂 ). Any help would be appreciated – this is my first embroidery machine!

  • as a correction to my earlier comment – I just realized the only reason the single color worked ok, was because I had created a bobbin of the same color. now that I’ve tried single color with a white bobbin and a colored upper thread, the majority of the letter/pattern comes out white. I’ve tried varying tension to no avail.

  • moderator, I figured out my issue – I missed that there were 2 sets of prewound bobbins, one for sewing, and one for embroidery. once I switched to the embroidery one, everything worked fine.
    thanks, and sorry for any trouble. happy holidays!

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