New Disney Tsum Tsum Designs Shirt and Shorts Project

June 28, 2016By Janice FergusonEmbroidery, Projects, Sewing 47 Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

Enchanted by Disney’s tiny Tsum Tsums, your little one will be delighted when decked out with their favorite characters. This is an easy sewing project. A Simplicity pattern, your Brother combo machine (sewing and embroidery) and’s Tsum Tsum designs team up to stitch Minnie Mouse, with her signature red polka dot bow. A Tsum Tsum logo and a variety of Disney personalities are embroidered on the ruffled shorts. At see the Tsum Tsum logo and 22 characters, many offered in multiple sizes. Make this little Disney outfit for summer.

Materials List

  1. Your Brother Sewing and Embroidery machine
  2. Fabric yardage for chosen size:
    • White for view B top and view E shorts
    • Red polka dot for bow, front lining, shorts ruffle, pockets and optional piping
  3. Thread for and construction
  4. Embroidery thread
  5. 3/4yd of 1” elastic as per pattern
  6. Lightweight fusible interfacing
  7. Pacesetter Medium Weight Tearaway Stabilizer SA5810
  8. cording for optional piping
  9. 4×4 frame
  10. Tsum Tsum designs from
  11. Simplicity pattern 1475
  12. Washaway Fabric Marking Pen
  13. Optional: polka dot piping (bias cut unnecessary~cut on straight of grain)
  14. Optional: SA192-Brother’s Piping Foot
  15. Optional: SA177-Brother’s 7MM Side Cutter

Tsum_Simplicity Pattern 1475

View B (Play Top):

  1. Apply lightweight fusible interfacing to polka dot bow pattern piece. Construct bow as instructed.
  2. Cut view B with white fabric, according to pattern directions, transferring all marks. Cut front facing from polka dot fabric.
  3. Press center front fold and place mark on center crease 1 5/8” from neck edge for design, center tm07, the smallest Minnie Mouse design.

Play Top Embroidery:

  1. Hoop tearaway stabilizer in 4” x 4” frame. Baste front in place to accommodate design.
  2. Center design tm07 on mark and embroider.


Playtop Construction:

  1. Continue with construction as per pattern instructions. Stitch pleat, make buttonhole, construct straps and hem front facing.


  1. OPTIONAL: Make and apply piping with Brother’s piping foot.
  2. Stitch straps to front between dots.


  1. Attach front facing around armholes and across top. Clip curves and grade seams.


  1. Follow instructions for constructing back. Make casing, insert elastic, seam back to front and attach straps to back.
  2. Seam front and back side seams. Serge, zig zag or use Brother’s side cutter to clean finish the side seams. With the side cutter, you don’t even need to change your thread!
  3. Hem (5/8” allowed) as directed.

View E shorts: Please disregard pattern directions

  1. Seam fronts to back at side seams. Clean finish seams and press toward shorts back.

Shorts embroidery:

  1. Select Tsum Tsum text design tm01.
  2. Mark design center on right shorts front 2 ¼” from raw hem edge and 2 ¼” from side seam.v
  3. Hoop tearaway stabilizer. Position fabric on stabilizer and secure with basting frame or built in frame design.
  4. Embroider Tsum Tsum text design.

tsum tsum emb

  1. Embroider Tsum Tsum character designs around hem edge of shorts, keeping in mind the 5/8” hem allowance. I used: Sven – tm27, Elsa 2 – tm22, Olaf 2 – tm26 on right leg and Daisy Duck 2- tm11, Mickey Mouse 3 – tm04, Donald Duck 2 – tm09, Piglet – tm18, Pooh – tm17, Eeyore – tm20 on the left.


  1. Hem as directed with 5/8” seam allowance. With heavier fabric like denim, trim away ¼”, clean finish by serging or zig zagging raw edge.
  2. Cut ruffle from red fabric and clean finish both edges in chosen manner –shirttail hem, zig zag or serged—so as to finish with 1 ¼” ruffle width.
  3. Run gathering thread ¼” from top edge of ruffle. Draw up to fit leg, distributing gathers evenly.
  4. Mark fold line for waistline casing 1 ½” from top raw edge. Pin ruffle to shorts leg with gathering thread directly on top of hem stitches. Stitch over gathering thread to join ruffle to leg.


  1. Stack legs right sides together. Pin and stitch both front and back seam. Do not stitch short ends together. Clean finish with serging or zig zag stitch.
  1. Bring short crotch pieces together. Pin seam allowances in opposite directions to reduce bulk.


  1. Stitch crotch and clean finish the seam edge.
  2. Clean finish waist line with zig zag or serge. If this raw edge is folded under ¼” and stitch in place as directed in pattern, the 1/8” header must be eliminated to insure enough casing width for the 1” elastic.


  1. Stitch scant 1/8” from folded edge to create tiny header.
  2. Finish casing and insert elastic as directed in pattern.

Now watch her grin as you show this to your special girl.


Editors Note: If you aren’t familiar with Janice, you may not know that she doesn’t do anything half way. For the rest of the story about this outfit and the definition of what Tsum Tsum means (thanks Janice for doing the research, it is important info for Nanas and others alike), pop over to Janice Ferguson Sews to read all about it!


  • That is just cute as a button! I am sure Vivian Rose can hardly wait to wear it. You make such beautiful and creative things for your Grandchildren.

    • Joanne, the Disney designs are all just adorable. I especially like the Minnie embroidery by the bow on the top. Thanks for your comment.

  • Janice, well done! Your directions are so complete, not just for the embroidery, but sewing as well. The Tsum Tsums are so cute. It’s nice to see embroidery-only too. I love appliqué but all that trimming can get tedious. I haven’t bought a commercial pattern in a while, but I may go looking for that one this weekend. The suggestion of Minnie’s bow is a fun idea.

    • Terry, like you, I love applique’, though it is time consuming. These designs are so quick and give such a crisp appearance. The pattern is fabulous and so versatile. Thanks for your comments.

  • Just perfect! I love all Janice’s projects, but this one is too cute. My three-year-old will love it! thanks, Janice.

  • This is darling! I downloaded the instructions and I am going over to ibroidery to check out the designs. I have a grand niece that this will be perfect for (next year). But, I don’t want to miss the instructions.

    • Diana, you are wise to print out the instructions to have on hand. I like to do that and put the pattern in my pattern box, ready to go when I’m ready to sew. I’m sure that little grand niece will enjoy wearing this. Thanks for your kind comment.

  • Janice, thank you for such clear and detailed instructions! This outfit is adorable, and I love the idea of machine embroidery on the center pleat. I already have this pattern and now have some inspiration as well as a great tutorial for embellishing it.

  • Janice, this is so very cute. Thank you to Brother for giving you the chance to do this. It has given me so many ideas!!

    • Linda, thanks for your thoughtful comment! I think Brother is providing a wonderful service to sewists everywhere, whether or not they sew on a Brother machine. All the tips, project ideas and tutorials posted here are so helpful. I read them all!

  • Thanks to all for your kind comments. It is so gratifying to know that this post has given you inspiration. With Brother machines and the iBroidery designs you can create things that will absolutely delight children (and more than a few adults). I’d love to see some of your projects on Brother Sews facebook. So go sew and please post your photos!

    • Jeannette, Simplicity 1475 is so cute and comfortable. A little girl could have more than one outfit made from this pattern. Thanks for your comment.

    • Thanks, Kathleen, for your comment. I’m glad you enjoy my projects. Do check out these cute designs. They are small and can be used on items from babies to older children.

  • Thanks, Kathleen and Terri, for taking time to post your sweet comments. The Zootopia designs are adorable and stitch out perfection. Yeah!

  • This outfit is so cute! The characters are adorable. I found the instructions clear and helpful. I can tell this will be a hit for little ones!

  • Sadly I cannot complete this project as I am unable to purchase the Tsum Tsum designs here in England. I tried to buy from the Brother site in the USA but as I don’t have an American card or an American address the transaction could not proceed. Such an oversight by brother that we cannot access these designs.

    • Thank you for your email. Unfortunately it breaks down to a licensing issue. Brother USA only holds the license to sell the designs on iBroidery within the USA.

    • Thank you, Judy! The directions seem long but I think the photo illustrations will be helpful for anyone making this pattern. Thanks for commenting.

  • Another great idea and outfit! Thank you for sharing it with us! I don;t have a Brother but I can do other ideas and it’s so nice to have new ideas!

    • Thank you, Rosie. This was a fun project and the Simplicity pattern was cute and easy. Certainly, you could use other designs along with these directions to make your own creation. I especially liked the detail of embroidered designs on the hem of the shorts.

  • Janice, how could this idea be used for a little boy’s outfit?
    I loved the choice of white and red polka dot accent for a little girl, but for a boy it would be solid red accent and bow tie?

    • Vivian, this Tsum Tsum outfit was stitched on my Brother Dream Machine, It could be made on any Brother Embroidery machine (well, not the PR multi-needle embroidery machines because you can’t use the Disney designs in those) as the designs all fit within the 4×4 hoop. The 5×7 was used on the shorts legs in order to fit 3 designs in one hooping. But they all could easily be stitched in the 4×4 frame.

    • Nina, I hope your “some day” comes soon. The pleasure, satisfaction, and fun you will have is immeasurable. It’s likely that your local Brother dealer has some fabulous used machines for a good price. So many sewists trade up as soon as a new machine comes out. One of those used beauties would make you very happy! Good luck!

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