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January 23, 2017By Angela WolfEmbroidery, Tutorial 11 Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

Scanning Your Handwriting on THE Dream Machine

Personalizing gifts is one of my favorite things to do with embroidery. When I got THE Dream Machine and realized that I could scan in my handwriting and drawings, it was the perfect way for me to create the ultimate personalized gifts for family and friends! When better than Handwriting Day to show you this!

Machine used: THE Dream Machine


Follow along as I walk you through the simple steps needed to write, scan in and stitch out your handwriting.

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Whether it’s on a pillow, garment, place mat or even customized quilt label, adding that special touch is always worth it!

Be sure to share photo’s of your own personalized handwriting treatments and tag us at @BrotherSews #StitchingSewcial and #AngelaWolfPatterns on Facebook and Instagram.

Happy Sewing!


  • Can this Scanlmation Scanning Frame be used with any Brother Innov’is Embroidery machine? Is it an attachment I could add to my 2500D? How? Or is is only part of the Dream Machine?

  • Thank you, Angela, for these detailed instructions. I have wanted to stitch my signature for some time and just hadn’t taken the time to study the instructions. Your video makes it so clear and easy to understand. I’m thinking it would be fun to scan my 8 yo grandson’s signature and stitch it into his summer camp clothes. I could have a lot of fun with this technique. Thanks again.

    • thanks Janice – this is my all time favorite thing to do with the scanning 🙂 Working on scanning coloring books next.
      Great idea for your grandson’s signature!

  • Angela I have studied your hand writing video several times & it is superb ,but i am lost in trying to scan the signatures which I just found of my parents ( whom have passed away ). Iam trying to move the design after it is scanned to enlarge the signatures to fit into 5×7 hoop frame . I cannot seem to find the correct procedure to enlarge the design for to fit in the correct size hoop to embroider . Can you please inform me of the correct order of steps to achieve this please . I have only recently up graded from Quattro to Dream so iam struggling with different positions in areas of this machine & tells me I cannot go back & so I am deleting all the time ( missing a huge step obviously. Many Thanks Coral

    • Hi Coral,
      This sounds like a wonderful project! I believe that Angela may be traveling right now but I’ve sent her a note asking her to reply to you as soon as she can, which she always does!
      Once you have this project finished, we’d love to see it!! Please tag us on Facebook or Instagram at #StitchingSewcial and @BrotherSews so we can see how it comes out!!

      Happy Sewing!

  • With the density feature, can you make it as thin as a back stitch? And if you can, will it work ok on imperfect children’s handwriting? Thanks!

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