Free Design: Key to My Heart Embroidery Art Project

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Attention machine embroidery enthusiasts! This month we’re helping you express your heartfelt thoughts with framed stitches. Use the Brother Free Design of the Month as a starting point for your loving sentiments and customize this framed art with your own message for a special gift.

Materials and Supplies

Note: The featured combination design fits a 5-inch X 7-inch hoop. The Free Design by itself will fit within a 4-inch hoop. If your hoop size is limited to 4-inch X 4-inch, consider creating a design with multiple hoopings.
  • Brother Embroidery Threads.
  • Brother Bobbin Thread.
  • Removeable marker for fabric.
  • Cotton fabric measuring approximately 10-inches wide X 13-inches long for embroidering design.
  • Medium weight fusible interfacing for backing fabric with two layers applied.
Tip: Select an interfacing similar to the type used for crisp collars and cuffs on a shirt.
  • Pre-purchased frame suitable for a 5” X 7” photo.
  • See Figure #1. Brother Free Design of the Month: Skeleton Key 1.pes
Figure #1

Steps to Create Embroidered Art

  1. Transfer Free Design to your machine.
  2. Measure the inside of your picture frame and record measurement. In this example the inside dimension measures 4 ½-inches X 6 ½-inches.
  3. Working with the 5-inch X 7-inch hoop area, create a combination design as follows:
  • Start with the outer rectangular frame shape, sizing it to fit within frame measurement recorded in Step #2. Note: Featured design uses frame shape patterns built into all Brother embroidery machines. See Figure #2.
Figure #2
  • Add free Skeleton Key 1.pes design and move it toward center of frame.
  • Add heart frame shape. See Figure #3.
Figure #3
  • Add small sized lettering inside heart. Re-size heart to fit around lettering. Featured heart measures 2.37” wide X 2.73” high. See featured font in Figure #4.
Figure #4
  • Add additional small lettering for message near the bottom.
  • Adjust designs to fit within frame shape, rotating and moving as necessary. See completed design below:

  1. Disassemble frame. Prepare fabric by fusing one layer of interfacing to the wrong side, making it firm and smooth. See Figure #5.
Figure #5
  1. Layer fabric with tear away stabilizer and place in 5-inch X 7-inch hoop. Embroider design. See Figure #6.
Figure #6
  1. Remove excess stabilizer, and press finished piece.
  2. Use glass from frame to trace around the design, taking care to handle the glass carefully. See Figure #7.
Figure #7
  1. Cut embroidered fabric to fit inside picture opening. Apply a second piece of fusible interfacing to the wrong side. Gather items to put frame together. See Figure #8.
Figure #8

Put frame back together and admire your handiwork!

You are finished! Enjoy!

Options and Ideas:

  • Create a design combination to fit a larger or smaller fame using the same general instructions.
  • Leave glass off frame and add three-dimensional trim, beads, buttons, or novelty items as desired.
  • Use the basic guidelines for creating a combination design, making it to fit on the front of a heart shaped pillow.
  • Use this idea as a center block for a quilted wall hanging.
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