DIY Beach Duster

May 6, 2020By Laura PiferApparel, Fashion, Garment 5 Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

With warmer temperatures around the corner and hopefully some fun in the sun soon, I thought it would be fun to create a DIY Duster. This can be worn as a swimsuit cover up, robe, or even a part of your look. You can alter the length as you’d like and make in several fabrics. Get the details below and make your own.


  • 2 yards of flowing fabric like chiffon or lace.
  • Brother SE1900
  • Safety pin
  • Basic sewing and measuring tools
  • String or strap for center waistline

The pattern is basically just a long rectangle of fabric folded in on the sides. You CAN create the dimensions to be however long or wide you’d like. I folded the fabric 2 different ways. The lace I did so the selvage was on the bottom and the printed chiffon I used the selvage as the center front.

*You can also make 3 separate pieces: 2 Front and 1 Back like the template above. Alter the length and width however you’d like, these were just standard measurements I used.

Fold the fabric in half and mark the center. Lay the fabric flat so right side is up and fold both sides in towards the center of the fabric. You will want to leave a 4” gap for the back neckline.

Fold in about 18” on both sides toward the center.

Next pin the top edges and sew (these are the shoulder seams) a 1/2” seam allowance on both sides.

Finished the neckline by folding it ¼” down, press, and another ¼” down, press and sew.

Cut the arm openings. I just snipped 11” down. You can make this wider if necessary.

Finish the arm openings by either folding under and sewing or add a facing. I did the facing for the print and a basic hem for the lace. The facing was a 4” strip of the fabric folded in half and sewn right sides together around the arm opening.

Place project wrong side up, mark a line at the waist or about 4” from under arm using a fabric marking pen.

Cut a strip of mesh fabric that is 1 ¼” wide and measures the as garment waistline. If you’re using a sheer material you will want to use a mesh type fabric for this. If the fabric is not sheer you can use bias tape…

Pin along the waistline making sure the strip is between the line you traced.

Stitch on both the bottom and top to create a casing. (leave about an inch in between).

Use a safety pin and weave a string through to tie in the center that fits your waist x 4. I used a 1” strip of knit I cut and pulled it to create string.

Finish bottom edge if necessary.

Hope this gives you all the Spring Break feels even if it’s worn just on the patio.


  • Hello, Great tutorial and I want to give it a go, but I do not understand how to do the armholes. Can you clarify a bit more please. Thank you 😊

    • Hi Zara,

      You will need to cut an arm opening in the fabric shown in the photos above. Then you can either hem the cut edge to finish that opening or you can create a facing. The facing was a strip of fabric that measured the arm opening (plus 1″ for seam allowance) x 4″ wide. Fold the strip of fabric facing in half right sides out and press. Then pin to the arm opening so right sides are together (folded edge of facing will be the finished edge) and stitch around. Then you will need to sew up the seam of the facing. I hope this helps. Let me know.


      • Hello, I was also a bit confused about the facing: judging from the photos, it appears as though the facing is 4″ wide, but if it’s folded over in half, doesn’t that mean that you have to cut an 8″ piece of fabric? Or else I’m missing something else. Thanks for the otherwise great tutorial, I’ll be making one of these!

  • It does help, thank you, just to clarify when you say that I “will need to sew up the seam of the facing” do you mean with a zig-zag On a regular sewing machine or using a serger to ensure the fabric does not unravel/frey? Thanks again 🙂

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