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April 30, 2018By Janice FergusonDIY, Embroidery, Home Decor 22 Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

The foundation for a special occasion table is the linens. Combining purchased linens with THE Dream Machine (or any other Brother embroidery machine with 5×7 frame), you can create a uniquely luxurious tablescape. The designs used on these linens are built-in on THE Dream Machine and are also available at www.iBroidery.com. So many designs on this site have companions, making it easy to coordinate napkins and tablecloths. These linens are perfect for Easter, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, graduation or other family occasions. The threads and designs coordinate with my daughter’s china, handed down from her grandmother. It’s hard to imagine how long it would have taken this dear lady to stitch a set of linens such as this. And yet, women of that spent countless hours with needle and thread, so important was it for them to set a beautiful table. Blessed with our Brother embroidery machines and the huge variety of downloadable designs, available 24/7, we can create loveliness easily and rather quickly. When I first viewed iBroidery designs exe01 17 and exe01 18 on THE Dream Machine, and then spotted this linen set, I knew it was the perfect foundation for these embroideries. At last, they have been combined to create a beautiful set of table linens. You can do the same!


  • Tablecloth with matching napkins (See chart below for size suggestions)

  • exe01 17. Sized for 5×5 frame @ 3.66 x 5.29

Tablecloth Linens

  • exe01 18. Sized for 4 x 4 frame @ 3.66 x 1.36

Tablecloth Linens



  1. Pre-wash linens, press and starch areas to be embroidered.
  2. Fold tablecloth in quarters and mark center as well as vertical and horizontal axes.
  3. Print template of napkin design exe01 17 and exe01 18.

Pattern Making

  1. Fold napkins diagonally and mark design placement with paper template.
  2. Tape the large paper in place and mark its center. Through the circle, mark horizontal and diagonal crosshairs. See image #4.
  3. Measure diameter of centerpiece or determine a size. The platter used for this large tablecloth is 13”.
  4. Use black marker to draw circle around platter. Then draw lines through vertical, horizontal and diagonal center. If yours is a smaller size, fewer lines may be necessary, thus fewer designs.
Note: An old rotary cutting board was slipped beneath the paper to protect the table.
Tablecloth Linens
Image #4
  1. Print required number of design templates and tape them in place, alternating the larger and smaller designs.
Note: It is helpful to mark the template crosshairs on the template with that same black marker. This should make the markings more visible through the tablecloth fabric.
Tip: Place the smaller design on the north, south, east and west lines, rather than the diagonal. I did not and found that the larger design crowded the place setting.
  1. Place tablecloth over paper pattern, matching centers, vertical and horizontal markings. Secure it in place with tape or pins if it is on a padded surface.
  2. Use a water-soluble marker to draw cross hairs. Mark the center of each design with an X and add an arrow at the top as shown in blue in image #4.
Note: It is so easy to incorrectly hoop a large piece. I did not mark the centers with an X and carelessly centered one larger design over the lower dot of the crosshair. Don’t even try to guess how long it took to pick that out!

Embroidery for Center

  1. Embroider the designs as marked.

Tablecloth Linens

Napkin Corners

  1. Use rotary ruler to mark a 45-degree diagonal line into each corner of the tablecloth. Determine placement with printed template. Mark cross hairs with wss (water soluble stabilizer) marker. Take note of that measurement and use it to mark the remaining corners.
  2. Hoop wss stabilizer in 4×4 frame. Spray with wss adhesive and place napkin corner on stabilizer. Select exe01 18 and center design in the frame in one of two ways. Use the snowman to center.

Tablecloth Linens

Tablecloth Linens

  • OR Use the needle point check key with laser. Move to locate center.

Tablecloth Linens

Tablecloth Linens

  1. Add basting frame and embroider.

Tablecloth Linens

Tablecloth Corners

  1. Embroider tablecloth corners in same manner.

Tablecloth Linens


  1. Place center piece, set the table and enjoy an elegant special occasion.

Tablecloth Linens

This handy sizing chart was included with the linen set.

Tablecloth Linens


  • Simply beautiful Janice! As usual, you set the standard for top quality instructions. I’ve always loved these lacy designs and usually visualize them on garments but your finished product presented them in a whole new light!

    • Thanks you, Joanne, for your kind comment. There are so many gorgeous Brother designs available and it always amazes me the different directions we all go with them–you envisioned garments and I saw linens. I love seeing all the creative interpretations of these designs.

  • What a fantastic post! The concept is beautiful and with the detailed technique described, I am already envisioning modifying it by replacing the 13″ platter used for alignment with my Thanksgiving turkey platter. And if I find an embroidery pattern that matches our good china, I could set a completely coordinated and beautiful table for the holidays, year after year. Thank you!

    • Jennifer, I love that you feel confident to rearrange the design to accommodate your 13″ turkey platter. There are so many designs available that I am sure you will find one that mimics your china pattern. Keep us posted on your progress!

  • Beautiful detail. It’s so amazing the possibilities thanks to the technology and machinery available to someone as skilled as yourself, Janice. No one is more deserving than you for such wonderful opportunities. Thank you very much for sharing pictures of the final product, and, oh my, instructions too!

    • Brenda, thank you for your sweet comment. But you needn’t be skilled to use Brother machines. They are so user friendly! The touch screen and easy icons making embroidering something like this linen set an easy beginner project. Isn’t technology wonderful?

  • GREAT to know, Janice. Your response gives me something to look forward to when I get back into sewing. You can be my mentor. I love the inspiration you are to me (as I’m sure you must to be to many). Thank you. Keep up the good work and sharing with others.

    • Brenda, I hope you can get back to sewing soon. It offers an outlet for creativity, opportunity for gift making and home dec, and just lots of fun! I’d be flattered to be your mentor, but this site is loaded with talented sewists and projects from simple to complex. Go sew!!!!

  • How classy! As others have commented, other designs could be substituted for other, less formal, occasions.

    • Jane, wouldn’t this be fun for a birthday, anniversary or graduation ! I needn’t be elegant. The layout would be the same as shown in the diagram. Thanks for your comment.

  • Don’t you just love elegant table settings, Arlene? Color coordinated with your own china, a set like this could be pulled out for any special occasion. Thanks for you comment.

  • Love these designs. I have been contemplating using them for table linens. You’ve inspired me to go for it. I just have to find the right colors. Are these the colors that come up on the machine with these designs?

  • No, Linn, I edited the colors a little. They are pretty much the same , except that I substituted pink for the peachy/gold colored flowers and used a lighter green. I also added white and used a little silver metallic.

    This is such a pleasing set of designs. I think you would be happy with whatever color combination you use. Please be sure to share a photo of your finished linens. We would all love to see!
    Here are the original colors:

    Beige – EMBROIDERY #843
    Dark Gray – EMBROIDERY #707
    Light Brown – EMBROIDERY #323
    Salmon Pink – EMBROIDERY #079
    Silver – EMBROIDERY #005

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