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April 1, 2016By Kimberli MacKayNews 29 Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

Thanks for Stopping by!! Welcome to Brother’s new quilting, sewing, and embroidery blog Stitching Sewcial.

Our Brother team has worked tirelessly to bring you content that will feed your passion for all things sewing, embroidery and quilting. Whether you’re a new to sewing or are an experienced quilter, you will learn from some of the best and brightest in the sewing, embroidery and quilting communities. Our team of Sew Specialists will continue to bring you fabulous projects, tips and insights that will inspire you to get creative, explore new crafts and improve your skills.

kim-and-angelaWho will be joining us at Stitching Sewcial? Angela Wolf will bring you extensive embroidery, garment and serging knowledge. Rebecca Kemp Brent shares her passion for the Dream Fabric Frame, embroidery and quilting. Janice Ferguson will delight you with new projects utilizing Disney and other designs from our iBroidery collection. Joanne Banko will treat you to a free design each month and a project to use it on as well as teaching you how to use the foot-of-the-month. Heather Jones explores all facets of Modern Quilting while Deb Karasik explores a more traditional view. Join these wonderful creative masters and more at Stitching Sewcial!

Take a look inside events and follow Brother as we share our love of all things sewing, quilting and embroidery. Our mission is to bring you our innovative, technologically advanced products with industry first features that makes Brother unique. We look forward to sharing our ideas and hearing ideas from you as we discuss how Brother sewing, quilting, embroidery and crafting machines can help you unleash your creativity. Stay tuned for exclusive content at Stitching Sewcial that you can’t get anywhere else!

Happy Sewing!
Kimberli D. MacKay
Home Sewing and Embroidery Product Specialist
Brother International Corporation


  • This sounds very interesting…however, I’m an old gal and not quite up to all the social media: I don’t like Facebook, don’t tweet, or pin it….don’t know what ‘in’ or “g+” mean, so I may have trouble finding you again. I would love to get back to designing my own clothing and love my Brother machines. I sew mostly craft items and things for charity – pillow dresses and blankets, shorts, etc. and alterations to anything readymade. Would love to join the fun!

    • Hi KD – We’re here whether you are active on social media or not!! Please do stop by and read to your hearts content! Welcome to Stitching Sewcial! Best, Kimberli

  • I look forward to all the new ideas and tips to use on my Duetta and the Dream Machine. Thank you so much

    • It’s been many months of work to create and we all are VERY excited to see it finally be shared with you all!! Thank you for the kind words!

  • I am So Happy that this blog has been started! I now own my very own Dream a Machine and can’t wait to learn all it can do!!!

    • Welcome to THE Dream Machine Family, Elizabeth! We’ll be bringing you more posts with tips specifically for THE Dream Machine in the coming weeks!

  • I got a brother sewing machine for Christmas I know how to sew but I don’t know how to use the embroidery part and I don’t know how to quilt but I really want to know how to do these things hopefully your blog will help me

    • Hi Holly – Thank you for your comment! We will be having a mix of posts and videos over the next month bringing our readers information in all of those areas. We are also working on some very basic start how-to’s for those who have the embroidery machines but are still afraid to start (don’t worry — you aren’t alone!!) Welcome to Stitching Sewcial!

  • I am so impressed with this idea you have come up with! It is very informative
    and you have incorporated such a lot of ideas and projects. Thank you all
    very much.

  • Hi,
    I am new to embroidery and I love it.
    I have had trouble with thread bunching up under the project and it getting stuck. I have a Brother SE 400, and a Brother PE 770. I am using quality embroidery thread, and 90 weight Brothery bobbin thread. Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?
    Thanks for any help

  • Looking forward to joining I embroider on my 2003 ULT my 2001 wore out on me and they say they can not fix . No Brother dealers close to me have to drive 125 mi one way to a dealer here in the Trenton Fl area.

  • I’m so glad to find out about stitching sewcial, I look forward to all the post and sewing tips. I have the Quattro and Dream Machine and love my Brother machines!

  • I am SEW excited to have found this blog. I pick up my new Dream Machine on Monday, having traded my Quattro (6000 D) in on it. I also have the 10 needle. I look forward to learning more and more from everyone! Thanks again.

    • Hi Ann! Welcome to Stitching Sewcial!! We’re so glad you found us too! You’ll come to find that your new machine is in fact a Dream!!
      Thanks for stopping by and see you again soon!!

  • I have an old Brother Machine my mum bought me when I got married 45 years ago….. I taught my daughters to sew on it, now I’m teaching my granddaughters on it…… By keeping it clean and healthy it still works an absolute treat! ( though I do have more up to date and modern Brother sewing and embroidery machines for myself)! I shall be encouraging daughters and grandchildren to follow your blog….( Don’t make it too American though we’re British)

  • Just purchased my Dream Machine 8550d and looking forward to learning all its exciting features. I quilt and do embroidery so hoping for lots of useful hints and ideas.

    • Welcome Susan!!
      Be sure to enter THE Dream Machine into the search box here on the blog and articles with features specific to the Dream Machine will pop up!

  • Hello my name is Tracy I just bought a brother serger and I’m learning how to use it but I want to learn all the features I know it will take some time so how can I join and stay in touch with the tutorials you are offering.

    • Hi Tracy,

      Please do sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page, lower right, where is says “Stay Informed”. We will gladly add you to our list for updates!!
      Please note that this is National Serger Month, so there will be more serger posts than usual coming all month long too!
      Finally, our search engine on this blog is quite good. Simply put the word “serger” into the search box on the right side about 1/4 of the way down the page, and all of the articles mentioning a serger will pop up for you to be able to go through at your convenience.

      Have a great day!!

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