Groovy Embroidered Notebook Cover

February 21, 2020By Mister DomesticEmbroidery, Projects, Tutorial 3 Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

Prior to my almost 7-year-old daughter being born, I never would’ve grasped how vital it was to have a different notebook for every occasion. No matter how many notebooks she has, she still wants more, so I’m using this new-found knowledge of the notebook collectors in the world in the creation of this project and tutorial. Plus, with February being National Embroidery Month, I couldn’t get through the month without doing some groovy embroidery…. machine embroidery that is.

What You’ll Need:

  • Notebook (I used 9.5” x 6.5” spiral)
  • Rectangle of fabric to fit notebook (Denim or interfaced woven works best)
  • Size based on notebook – 24” x 11.5” for mine (1” extra on top & bottom, 5” extra on each side)

Product Used:


  • When working with denim and other high fray substrates, I always use a zig zag stitch around the perimeter of the fabric to eliminate the fraying when handling.
  • The next step is to determine exactly where you want the embroidery design on the cover. Fold the fabric rectangle in half and, accounting for the length needed for the spiral or binding, trace the notebook.
  • Using a piece of stabilizer larger than the outline, pop the fabric into the hoop with the longer side on the right.
  • Install the iBroidery design and follow the machine prompts. I used lighter thread that suggested to increase the contrast with the denim I used.


  • Fold over 1/2” on both sides and topstitch in place.
  • Fold in half and use the notebook to find the two side edges. Mark vertical lines on the wrong side of the fabric.
  • Fold on the line, right sides together, and press.

  • Double-check the fit with the notebook sides before stitching the top and bottom seams. 1” from the top and bottom, stitch the two side folds in place.
  • Turn right-side out, making sure each corner is crisp, and press.
  • Insert the notebook and enjoy.

Happy National Embroidery Month!!! And Happy Stitching!


  • My granddaughter loves to sketch and paint. She always has a notebook with her so she can draw whenever something inspires her. A notebook cover would be a nice “just because” gift for her! Thank you for this awesome tutorial and thank you for always inspiring me!🤗🥰

  • Great little project. It is nice to have the logistics worked out already. Easy to convert this to any size with the details you have given. Thank you for sharing. Love the new fabric line! Where is the best place to order it?

  • I made this without the embroidery but kind of wish I had added that as well for as much as I like once I made one up for my address/password book. I wanted to use up some of my fat quarters and did not think that was as sturdy as a denim would be. So, I sandwiched two fabric pieces together with a light fusible in between thinking I would see the inside fabric. Evidently, I needed this one just for the practice. It is really a nice way to dress up something I have out all the time to access the info I need. I might like to piece fabric together for my next one and add the embroidery.

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