I Love Sewing Key Fob

March 27, 2018By Joanne BankoDIY, Projects, Tutorial 30 Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

Have you ever misplaced your USB media with all your favorite designs? If the answer is yes, you’ll appreciate having this key fob to make it more visible, easier to find, and fun loving too! You can easily make this In-the-Hoop project in just a short time using our Free Design Download. Makes a great gift for a special sewing friend too!

Be sure to visit an authorized Brother Dealer to purchase the USB with the Brother Logo!

Materials and Supplies:

Note: Wind a bobbin with matching embroidery thread for your final outline color.
Note: I prefer a Titanium Nitride needle for embroidery on vinyl.
  • Scissors for trimming vinyl
Note: I prefer craft scissors with serrated blades.
  • Low tack tape for securing vinyl to stabilizer
Note: Experiment with various low tack tapes to see what works best. Transparent, breathable and perforated plastic medical tape works well for this type of project. Remember that tape needs to hold securely but also must be easily removed without leaving residue.

Fabrics and Supplies for Key Fob:

  • Marine vinyl suitable for embroidery, two pieces measuring 4 ½-inches wide X 5-inches long. Note: This type of material is often found in the upholstery section of the fabric store. Look at the wrong side and it will have a light-colored backing that looks like a knit. There may be other vinyl options available but it’s important to select vinyl that can be easily stitched.
  • Snap set for attaching hardware. If you are using special plastic type snaps be sure to select the long prong style.
  • Key ring or swivel hook designed to fit ½-inch to ¾-inch strap.

Design Size:

Steps to Create Key Fob

  1. Download the KeyFob_Sewing.pes design and transfer to your machine. Assemble your supplies and hoop a piece of tear away in the 4-inch hoop. See Figure #1.
I Love Sewing Key Fob
Figure #1
  1. Center one piece of vinyl over the tear away, with right side of vinyl facing up. Tape close to edges and corners, securing vinyl to tear away. Using desired thread colors, embroider lettering and heart. See Figure #2.
Tip: Tape all four sides with part of the tape touching the sides of the hoop for a more secure hold. Always generously tape items for in-the-hoop style designs. It’s important to make sure the tape does not roll and stick to the machine. Tape must be flat and secure, yet remove easily.
I Love Sewing Key Fob
Figure #2
  • Carefully remove hoop from the machine without distorting anything in the hoop, and then turn it over and place on a flat surface.
  • Center the remaining piece of vinyl on the back side, centering and taping it as you did for the top side. See Figure #3.
I Love Sewing Key Fob
Figure #3
  1. Change the bobbin as necessary and stitch the outline through all layers. See Figure #4a and #4b.
Tip: Tape all sides, having part of the tape touching the sides of the hoop for a more secure hold.
I Love Sewing Key Fob
Figure #4a
I Love Sewing Key Fob
Figure #4b
  1. Remove piece from hoop and carefully remove tape. Cut close to the outline, leaving a very narrow margin of vinyl all around outer edge. See Figure #5.
I Love Sewing Key Fob
Figure #5
  1. Attach snap parts as directed by manufacturer of snaps and snap tool. See Figure #6.
I Love Sewing Key Fob
Figure #6
  1. Slip ring over tab and snap to secure. See Figure #7.
Key Fob I Love Sewing
Figure #7

You are finished! Enjoy!


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