Magic Cookie Bag

December 3, 2017By Janice FergusonDIY, Holiday, Projects 8 Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

Convince Santa that you are nice, not naughty, with cookies baked just for him! This magical gift bag holds a bribe for Santa and a poem that will bring a smile. Or make goodies for your child’s teacher, a neighbor or a friend. The magic comes when the bag is quickly transformed into a holiday dishtowel by spritzing the seams with water. But first wrap it up with a personalized ribbon made on Brother’s P-touch Embellish!
Magic Cookie Bag


  • Bordered dishtowel approximately 18 x 28”
  • Notions: water soluble thread, 1.5 yds. red 3/8” ribbon OR a P-touch Embellish red satin ribbon cartridge
  • 6-8 large safety pins
  • “Presents for Santa” from iBroidery (Design #DCXM1512)
  • Optional: Brother P-touch Embellish
    Note: All seams are sewn with water soluble thread in needle, regular thread in bobbin. A small aluminum loaf pan was used for the measurements given below. A different container would require new calculations.
    1. Select cookie design iBroidery #DC XM1512 and add optional text with PR-Design software.
    2. Press crease 10” from decorative hemline. Determine placement of design.
    3. Embroider cookie design near hem border.

    Magic Cookie Bag

    1. Fold plain end of towel up 8.” With right sides together iron crease. Stitch side seams.

    Magic Cookie Bag

    1. Sew corners diagonally to create bag bottom. Match seam line with center crease.
    2. Stitch 3 ½” from beginning of side seam.

    Magic Cookie Bag

    1. Turn bag right side out. Attach safety pins from inside, 2 at center back, one on each side and two at center front.
    2. Create ribbon with your personalized message on the P-touch Embellish. This reads To Santa from the Chapmans.

    Magic Cookie Bag

    1. Thread ribbon through safety pin eyelets.
    Note: The maximum length of ribbon printed by the P-touch Embellish is 39”. For this project the text was reversed so it could be read hanging down and simply tied in a knot as that is not enough length to make a bow. A bow was added to the knot with a separate piece of ribbon.

    Magic Cookie Bag

    1. Load pan with cookies and include this poem.
    Magic Cookie Poem: This cookie bag was made for you.
    To make a dishtowel, here’s what you do.
    Just wet the seams with a cloth or spray.
    See all the stitches melt away!
    Be glad this was made for dessert or fruit.
    I could have made you a bathing suit.

    Magic Cookie Bag

    Happy Holidays!


  • What a great idea Janice, and the fact that it can easily be used as a dishtowel makes it a great gift. The poem is too cute! Thanks for another creative project and great instructions.

    • Betty, it really is a fun little project and you can load it with anything. I’ve embroidered oranges on it and filled the bag with oranges and tangerines from our little citrus grove. Thanks for your comment, Betty.

    • I’m glad you like this, Zahra. It does make a unique gift. Who can’t use another dish towel? Thanks for your comment. Share pictures when you finish some, ok?

  • What a clever and useful project! Now I know what to do with my water-soluble thread! The poem is perfect- who could not smile at that?

  • Donna, sometimes generating a smile is as good as a useful gift. So get out a dishtowel and that unused water-soluble thread and make up a bag. Thanks, Donna.

  • I got one form a Embroidery Christmas exchange from a lady in our group a couple years ago. I didn’t want to take it apart it was so cute & got a lot of comments from people visiting during the holidays. Now I can make my own to give as gifts for other occassions. Thanks for the instructions. Happy New Year 2018!

    • Toni, I’m so glad these project instructions will be useful to you. The design for this came about several years ago when we first joined our daughter’s in-laws for Christmas. Everyone exchanges gifts but they must be edible. I hate to cook, so that didn’t appeal to me. So I made a bag like this, embroidered it with tangerines, and loaded it with tangerines from our trees. No cooking! And everyone loved the fruit and the resulting dishtowel. I hope you find many occasions to use this washaway dishtowel bag.

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