Mother’s Day Handmade Flower Pots

May 5, 2020By Brother SewsHoliday, Home Decor, Projects No Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

Spring into spring and create some colorful flower pots for Mom.

Materials Needed

  • 2 coordinating fabrics to fit your flower pot
  • Brother Sewing Machine: Pacesetter
  • Scissors
  • Brother thread
  • Measuring tape
  • Iron


Tip: Iron your fabrics before cutting for best results.

Step 1: Measure around the top portion of your flower pot and mark it (ours were 9.5″ wide X 19″ long) and cut out a rectangle, one for each flower pot. Fold and sew each rectangle into a pocket with seams on two sides.

Step 2: Pull from the middle of the pocket so the seam is center, and create a triangle at the top.

Step 3: Fold down the top of the triangle and create a seam across the bottom of the triangle. Iron down the top as well.

Step 4: Now you’ve got a pocket! Make sure to place the triangle-side down since that is the base, and turn the pod right-side out.

Step 5: Trim the corners of your fabric, and fold the seams down to create the folded top.

Now you’ve created a flower pod! Repeat these steps for each one, and enjoy.

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