Quick Tip: Cleaning Your Bobbin Case

October 14, 2017By Brother SewsQuilting, Sewing, Tips & Tricks 3 Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

Have you cleaned your bobbin case lately? Not sure how?

TIP – Cleaning the Bobbin Area of Your Machine


  • I have the dream fabric frame and the Brother 3000pv. How do manage having to stop when making a vertical seam and then after rolling and resetting the quilt to start again? I find it difficult to realign it and there is always a dot of thread where I reconnect. It is never a smooth transition.
    Also when my quilt is wider than the frame it is all but impossible to realign the quilt. Any advice would help greatly!

    • Hi Nancy,

      Thanks for the question!

      I agree, stitching a vertical line is going to take more time and be more challenging to line up. I would probably choose to turn my quilt horizontally and stitch the line horizontally vs. vertically.

      As far as avoiding a knot where you connect and/or tie-off, you will want to precisely put your needle down actually where you want it and pull up the bobbin thread. Be sure to leave long thread tails so that you can tie and bury them in your quilt sandwich later.

      Hope this helps!

      Happy Sewing !

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