Threading the Brother 5234PRW Serger

March 31, 2017By Angela WolfSerger, Tutorial 4 Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

I received my first serger has a college graduation gift. The serger came threaded with four spools of white thread; meaning no matter what color fabric I was working on, my overlock stitches were white. There was absolutely no way I was going to attempt re-threading that serger. Obviously, I overcame my fear. The good news is that sergers nowadays are much easier to thread. Just look at this Brother 5234PRW serger that comes with a needle threader! Follow along and I will show you how to thread your Brother 5234PRW Serger.
Needle Threader

Note: I use different colored threads in each of the loopers and needles so it’s easier for you to see. Also, after threading the serger I will stitch out a sample. If there are any issues with the stitch I can compare the color that doesn’t look right on the fabric to the coordinating needle or looper thread.

Machine used: Brother 5234PRW Serger

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I hope you find this video helpful. Have any serger questions? Don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments! Enjoy your Brother serger!



  • As always a great video – thank you! I got a Brother 4234D before Christmas and am really happy with it. Never thought I needed a serger but now I use it for all my seam finishes and great news for my washing machine too when I wash my fabrics before I use them – no more tangled threads!

    • thanks Maga 🙂 Yes, great machine for finishing edges before washing! Have you tried any of the extra feet yet? That opens an entire new world of creativity!

      • I have the same server as Maga and cannot seem to get a two thread overlock working. Can’t find video or anything anywhere. 🙁

  • I bought the Brother 4234D 14 months ago and ended up being too intimidated by it to even open it for a year. I finally have and could kick myself for all the lost time I could have spent using it. It is very user friendly and easy to thread and use. I’m pretty sure mine didn’t come with extra feet though ( Australia ) and they appear to be pretty pricey. I’ll have to go back and look inside the box to see if I missed them. It sure would be nice to have them

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