Video Sew-A-Long: Manicure Bag Part 4

October 25, 2016By Angela WolfSew-A-Long, Sewing 2 Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

Part 4: Decorative Stitching

Welcome to part 4 of the Nail Bag Sew-A-Long!

In the first three parts we have assembled the bag, inserted the elastic, learned how to sew in the metal zippers and how to work with vinyl. Now we’re up to Decorative Stitching. This is the fun part! Whatever decorative stitches you have on your sewing machine can be used.

If you happen to have a sewing machine with My Custom Stitch™ this is the perfect application for your uniquely designed stitches.


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We are almost finished!

Be sure to ask questions and share photos of your work on Instagram, and Facebook, tagging us @Brothersews using hashtags #nailbagsewalong and #stitchingsewcial.

I would love to see your creativity!





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