Fun in the Sun: DIY Beach Towel with Pockets

August 30, 2019By Brother SewsDIY, Sewing, Tutorial 1 Comment Opinion by Paid Consultant

Keep your sunglasses hidden while taking a dip or building a sandcastle with this compact, versatile DIY beach towel. Follow the steps below for this fun project and happy summer!



Step 1: Fold over one of the short sides of the towel, leaving 8” of space from the end (or you can customize to fit the size of your sunscreen and water bottles).

Step 2: Sew the open side edges closed.

Step 3: Sew the folded side into sections (as many as you want), to create the pockets.

Step 4: Grab your essentials and hit the beach!

One Comment

  • This is a great project, quick and easy, attractive and useful. We just returned from a cruise and this would have been very handy to have. It would also be a nice children’s birthday gift.

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