Buttonhole Foot on the Luminaire XP1

January 4, 2019By Angela WolfSewing, Tips & Tricks, Video 1 Comment Opinion by Paid Consultant

You might have noticed the new Buttonhole Foot on the Brother Luminaire XP1 looks a little different than past models like ones on THE Dream Machine and the Dream Weaver series. The new buttonhole foot is metal, a little longer, and has room for larger buttonholes. You can still sew a beautiful buttonhole, but now have more options for sewing buttonholes on knits and thin sheers.

Slide open the plastic lever to place your button, but this will now be in the front of the foot. I am impressed with the larger button area, up to 1 ¾”!

Let’s sew a buttonhole: Start by placing the button in the plastic opening.

Place the buttonhole foot on the machine, notice the “A” if facing forward (the button is in the front now).

Mark your fabric for the button placement. Place the fabric between the metal plates. The chalk marking will coincide with red lines on the foot.

Click on #4 the buttonhole area and choose a buttonhole.

Either click the green go button or use the presser foot, whichever you prefer.

This quality buttonhole foot is really going offer a beautiful buttonhole on so many fabrics! Check out the video for details.




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  • Hi Angela,
    Thanks for the demonstration for a vertical buttonhole. Is there a trick for horizontal buttonholes such as on jackets and coats? It doesn’t look like the fabric will go past that metal guard plate. I am new to Luminaire and these videos are a fantastic learning tool.

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