DIY Cozy Flannel Blanket

December 26, 2020By Emily ThompsonDIY, Garment, Sewing 2 Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

I don’t know about you, but where I live it’s getting cold! That means cozy nights by the fire and lap blankets for my toes. I recently sewed this flannel and sherpa blanket and it’s now the most highly sought after blanket in the house; I should have made four! Today I’m going to show you how to create this simple sewing project with cozy winter fabrics.

Blanket Supplies:

  • 1 yard 60” wide sherpa fabric
  • 2 yards 42” flannel
  • Sewing Machine: I used the LB5000 for my blanket

This makes a lap sized throw blanket.

fabric layout


You will use the entire piece of sherpa and trim the flannel to fit. See the video for the full instructions and happy sewing!



  • Why 5 yards of the flannel if the sherpa is only 1 yd by 60″? I know I’ll be trimming 3″ around the sherpa but I’m thinking that still leaves a lot of scrap

    • Hey Chris!

      Thanks for commenting! We checked in with the author of this blog and found out there was actually a typo. The flannel is supposed to be 2 yards and the sherpa 1 yard. We also added in a picture above to show how the two fabrics should look together.

      Sorry about that and thanks for bringing it to our attention!

      ~Keith from the blog team

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