Embroidered Christmas Cards

November 24, 2020By Janice FergusonDIY, Holiday, Projects, Sewing, Tutorial 15 Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

Create special greeting cards this holiday season with your Brother embroidery machine. Select from a variety of techniques and an assortment of delightful embroidery designs from iBroidery.com, or create your own! Insert these designs into windowed tri-fold cards and stitch them onto felt and applique them onto card stock. Next, you’ll embroider the designs onto fabric and batting, or simply stitch carefully selected designs directly onto cardstock.  Warm the heart of a grandparent or loved one with a child’s drawings on fabric, outlined or stippled on and batting then crafted into a keepsake card. You can also create fun personalized cards for friends to make them smile with an unexpected surprise.  So let the fun begin!



  • Card stock, blank tri-fold window cards
  • Notions: Cutaway stabilizer, spray adhesive, double sided tape, craft glue, embroidery thread, monofilament thread, silver metallic thread, gold
    • OPTIONAL: 4 snowflake buttons (for snowman card)
  • Prewashed, spray starched and pressed fabric: linen, dotted Swiss, pima cotton, muslin
  • Cotton batting
  • Embroidery designs
  • Brother Embroidery Machine
  • For Children Created Cards – fabric covered cardboard, batting, fabric marking pens, card stock


Tree card


  • 2 sheets cardstock 8.5 X 11”
  • Craft felt (stiff), 1 white, 1 dark blue
  • Notions: threads-embroidery, monofilament, silver metallic; 4 snowflake buttons
  • iBroidery.com Christmas tree design on pink cardstock
  • iBroidery Snowman design (stitched in Brother metallic silver) on blue craft felt


  1. Load design into Brother embroidery machine.  Add basting frame.
  2. Hoop cutaway stabilizer.
  3. Cut craft felt to fit inside 5×7 frame.  AWAY FROM MACHINE, spray with adhesive and press against hooped stabilizer.
  4. Embroider design.  Remove embroidered felt from frame.
  5. Trim close to Christmas tree or it will not fit on the folded card stock.  Trim ½” away from the perimeter of the snowman design to allow room for the border design. Cut away as much stabilizer as possible.
  6. Fold cardstock in half, rendering it 8.5 x 5.5”.  Attach embroidered felt to cardstock with double sided tape.
  7. Secure tree in place with monofilament thread and narrow zig zag w 1.0 L 1.5.
  8. Secure snowman in place first with double sided tape.  Then stitch snowflake or the decorative stitch of your choice using silver metallic embroidery thread.
  9. Create text with built in machine alphabets.  If your machine has scanning capability, this is a perfect place to use it.  Scan the card then drag the text to the desired location.  Otherwise, you can just hoop more cutaway stabilizer, secure the card stock with tape and embroider the text.  Take care to select an open design, such as the one shown so as not to drill through the card stock.
  10. Apply double sided tape generously to back of card stock with attached embroidery. Do this for the snowman card as well.

Tape paper

11. Cut the second piece of matching card stock 5 3/8 x 8” and secure to the back of the embroidery with tape.

Tape on card and cover

12. Stitch the snowflake buttons at the corners of the snowman borders.

13. Stitch silver snowflake buttons at corner of snowman design.

14. Write personal message inside the embroidered card.



Santa and wreath cards


  • Red tri-fold window card to accommodate 4 x 5” design
  • Medium batting
  • White fabric
  • Double sided tape, tearaway stabilizer, embroidery thread
  • Morango Designs > Heart of Christmas > BIC-MTGHOC005


  1. Load design into Brother embroidery machine.  NOTE:  Adding a basting frame is helpful.
  2. Stack tearaway stabilizer, medium weight white cotton batting then white fabric.  Hoop in 5×7 frame. NOTE: Fabric used in this design was a loosely woven linen, a very poor choice.  Even prewashed and starched, it is off grain and does not lie flat.  I suggest a more tightly woven fabric.
  3. Embroider design. Remove embroidery from frame and remove stabilizer.  Trim to a size slightly smaller than outer frame.
  4. Baste though embroidery and batting.

Santa design

5. Apply double sided tape to perimeter of inside window frame.  Press centered embroidery in window.

6. Apply double sided tape generously to inside perimeter and center of shorter panel. Press against back of embroidered piece.

7. Write your personal greeting on third panel.


Wreath Card


  • Green trifold window card to accommodate 4 x 5”design
  • Medium batting, white fabric-dotted Swiss was used to suggest falling snow
  • Double sided tape, tearaway stabilizer, embroidery thread, white thread for stippling
  • Holidays > Christmas > 200810370
  • Also available in a larger size as Item Number: 200810370


  1. Load design into Brother embroidery machine.   Add text from your Brother machine’s built in alphabet menu.
  2. Add automatic stippling around the design if that feature is available on your Brother machine.  Otherwise it can be added manually after the embroidery is completed.
  3. Hoop medium weight batting and white fabric in 5×7 frame.  Embroider design.
  4. Follow steps #4-7 for Peace on Earth Santa to finish the Christmas Wreath card.



Bells Card


  • Morango DesignsChristmas Gold > BIC-ATGCGL017
  • HobbiesMusic/Instruments > 200910074
  • 2 sheets 8.5 x 11” white card stock works or the design can be stitched on 2 sheets luminescent 12 x 12” art craft paper cut to size
  • Notions: silver metallic embroidery thread, double sided tape, spray adhesive
  • NOTE: Using an 8 x 8 or larger hoop will allow the card stock to lie flat.  Do not use a basting frame as the remaining holes will be visible.


  1. Load this design into embroidery software.

Piano Design

2.  Extract the musical notes, eliminating the lavender fill, leaving only the black outline.

Music notes design

3.  Load Christmas Gold bells design into software or Brother embroidery machine, edit mode.

Gold bells design

4. Add musical notes on either side, rotating and mirroring them as necessary.  Then add open lettered text. Arc lettering if desired.  Load design into machine.

5. SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS WHEN USING METALLIC THREAD:  A.  Disengage thread cutter for jump stitches if using metallic thread. B. Trim jump threads as design progresses. C. Do not use automatic needle threader with metallic thread. D.  Reduce stitching to lowest setting.

6. Fold white card stock in half. Mark center with light pencil mark tiny heat erasable marker.

7. Hoop tearaway stabilizer in 5×7 or 8×8 frame.  Lightly spray one half of folded card stock with adhesive FAR AWAY FROM MACHINE and press against hooped stabilizer.

8. Center design on center mark.  Embroider.



Peace card


  • 2 sheets 12 x 12” green art craft card cut to size: one for the front, and one for the back where the message will be written
  • Medium weight batting 12 x 15”, natural linen look fabric 12 x 15” (to enable hooping in 8×8 frame, or smaller fabric and batting to fit in 5 x 7 frame, but allow extra fabric for border, fabric fringe and pulled batting edge
  • Notions: embroidery thread, natural color sewing thread, spray adhesive, heat erasable marker, double sided tape, spray adhesive
  • *Design: https://embroideryonline.com/peace-dog-cat-mouse/
    • *embroidery file is a product of OESD, and Brother International Corporation makes no representation or warranties regarding such products


  1.  Load design into machine and add basting frame.
  2. Hoop stabilizer.  Spray batting with adhesive (away from machine) then press against stabilizer.  Spray fabric with adhesive and press against batting, smoothing fabric until taut.  Pin layers outside embroidery area.
  3. Baste layers together then embroider.
  4. Remove embroidery from frame then trim stabilizer up to basting frame.
  5. Mark a frame 3/8” outside basting stitches with heat erasable marker.  Cut along this line and fringe fabric.
  6. Pull batting away from basting frame to create a stressed cotton border.
  7. Place and generously tape embroidered piece with batting on art craft stock.

Peace card layout

8. Stitch through basting frame with same color thread to secure piece in place.

9. Fold along line.  Slide second card up to fold and hold in place with tape.

Green card

10. Stitch through both layers of card stock.

Stitch card
11.Trim back flap.

Trim card flap



Kids cards

  • Fabric wrapped cardboard
  • Fabric markers, double sided tape, adhesive spray
  • Batting
  • Tri-fold cards


  1.  Wrap cardboard with white printer paper and tightly woven fabric.
  2. Draw a rectangle frame smaller than the window in the trifold card.
  3. Give children fabric marking pens to draw a holiday design.  Instruct them to keep their designs inside this frame.
  4. Remove the fabric from the cardboard and spray with adhesive before placing over batting.
  5. Optional:  Hoop in appropriate sized frame. While still in frame, free motion outline the design then stipple.  It is easier to stipple manually around children’s designs.  If desired, add text at this time.
  6. Add any embellishments such as buttons after text and stippling.
  7. Remove from frame and add fabric or ribbon border.
  8. Trim and insert into trifold card as instructed in Santa and Wreath cards above.

These cards will be a cherished holiday keepsake for loved ones.




  • Dear Janice,
    You never run out of ways to stimulate sewers. Your projects are so varied and range from easy to advanced. I like that very much. This card project produces
    Cards that could then be easily framed for a forever Christmas decoration.
    It is clear to me that you are a born teacher.
    Susanna Trittschuh

    • Thank you, Susanna, for your very kind comment. I do like to offer projects for all skill levels. Framing the embroidered cards for future holiday decorations is a great idea. Thanks!

  • With so many loved ones so far flung this holiday season this seems like a perfect way to send something meaningful to loved ones. I think the children’s cards stole the show and would love to see more.

  • Rebecca, the children’s cards were some of my favorites, too. What far away (or self quarantined) loved one wouldn’t be charmed by a specially crafted card by their little darling. With the help of an adult with a sewing machine they could cheer so many who miss them. Thanks for your insightful comment.

  • Dear Janice, I love this idea for Christmas cards! What better way to share an heirloom to keep than an embroidered card that is made with Love. You always have wonderful projects with great detailed instructions! Thanks Janice, for another wonderful project!

    • Thank you, Betty, for your kind comment. Aren’t we lucky that we can make such special greetings with our Brother embroidery machines. Those who receive these unique cards will feel the holiday glow at a time when everyone can use a little extra love.

  • Oh, what a beautiful expression of love and a timeless keepsake! Family members and friends will want to save these and always remember them! Children will especially love them! How blessed we are to receive these from such an accomplished teacher!

    • Brenda, aren’t we blessed to have our wonderful Brother machines to make these timeless keepsakes for our loved ones! We may not be able to hug them in person, but surely the recognize that these specially made cards were created with love for them. Thanks for your sweet comment.

  • What a creative and beautiful way to send Christmas cheer and blessings to family and friends! I love how children can incorporate their illustrations. These cards are timeless keepsakes and they would be treasured for years to come!!

    • Thanks, Joanne for your kind comment. The children’s illustrations are my favorite and make such a special greeting for family and friends. I’m so glad you like them.

  • Spectacular!! I have cross stitch cards on my tree and some beautiful fold out cards too. These would be a wonderful addition to my card/ornament collection. Thanks for the detailed instructions.

  • Carol, thank you for your lovely comment. You would enjoy making these with your grandchildren. What a fun and meaningful craft activity it would be–they draw and you sew. Merry Christmas!

  • I love these amazing cards. What a wonderful keepsake. Certainly suitable for framing. Thank you for your great instruction.

  • Thanks for your kind comment, Jeannette. These are such fun to make with our Brother machines. I hope you find time to make a few this holiday season.

  • Janice these cards are wonderful and a forever keepsake for the lucky recipient. Your sewing talent and love of teaching has touched us all. Thank you for sharing ……jeanne

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