TIP: Have Skipped Stitches? Here’s Five Fixes!

August 1, 2016By Kimberli MacKaySewing, Tips & Tricks 6 Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

Do you ever get skipped stitches in your work? Don’t fret, we have five suggested solutions just for you!

Is it time for a needle change or is your thread tension off? Search for your Brother machine’s PDF manual here to look up suggested tension settings and needle information for your specific sewing machine.

Watch our quick video tutorial that addresses the five most common causes of skipped stitches and how to fix them.

Skipped Stiches, Five Fixes

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  • What default weight of thread are the Brother machines set for when shipped to customers? I have noticed on both my machines that I have to adjust the tension for what I call ordinary sewing thread for example Gutermann poly thread. Thread is showing on the bobbin side of the work. Is there a specific thread that is recommended for dressmaking projects? TIA

    • Hi Maga, Our machines are typically set for 50wt, all purpose thread. Sometimes in shipping, manual dials may shift slightly and you may need to adjust. I would recommend 50wt all purpose poly thread for dressmaking. Best,

  • Hi Kimberley, Thank you very much for the information. I’m using the right weight of thread then. Will mention this to the tech when I have the machine serviced.
    Great blog – learning lots along the way.

  • I have just put my machine (ULT 2003) back to sewing mode after years of just embroidery & I can’t find my book with all the instructions. Is there a web sight where I can look for instructions or buy another book. I’m wanting to do some quilt piecing & don’t remember how to move the needle from right to left for 1/4″ seams. Thanks for any help & information.


    • Hello Darlene,

      Thank you for the question!
      Yes, there is a website where you can find your misplaced manual.

      1. From our website: http://www.brother-usa.com/HomeSewing/, click on “Registration & Support” in the left hand menu.
      2. Enter your Model number in the box and click search. In this case I entered ULT2003D.
      3. Click on the Manuals & Documents tab in the middle of the page and you will see a list of available manuals.
      4. In this case, I clicked on User Manual – English – which brought me here.
      It’s a downloadable PDF for your convenience. The page with the moving your needle position info is found here — Changing the Needle Position (Left Needle Position Patterns Only) on page 3-18.

      Happy Sewing!


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