Fourth of July Kids Outfit

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Materials Needed:


Tip: Iron each fabric block so they align better.


Step 1: Cut a 45×12 size piece of fabric as your starter piece for the skirt.


Step 2: Cut two strips of decorative fabric or wide decorative ribbon the length of your rectangles, these will form the bottom edge of your skirt.

decorative fabric

Step 3: Sew the two pieces of decorative fabric together using your Pacesetter Machine

sewn fabric

Step 4: Sew your decorative sections to the bottoms of your main fabric pieces.
attached fabric

Step 5: Put the two fabric sections together so the decorate edges match up. Sew together to make a tube.

Step 6: To make a casing for the elastic waistband, first, fold over around ½ inch of the top and iron. Then fold over one more time and iron.

Step 7: Sew as close as you can to the bottom open edge of your casting. Go around the whole skirt and leaven open around 1 inch so that you can insert your elastic.

Step 8: With a safety pin slide in your elastic.

pin elastic

Step 9: Once elastic is inserted, cut off the excess and go back and sew the hole left open to insert the elastic.
Final Pieces



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