Quick Tip: Using the My Custom Stitch Feature

February 8, 2020By Joanne BankoMachines, Quick Tip, Sewing 7 Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

With the exclusive Brother My Custom Stitch feature you can create a wide blanket stitch in just a few minutes. In the photo above you see what a completed My Custom Stitch blanket stitch looks like on the large, full color screen of the Brother Luminaire. There are lots of options for using this unique feature. This basic blanket stitch is a good way to get started.

The photos below show an alternative screen style seen on a variety of other Brother machines. The screen style and location of the keys will vary on different machine models, but the process for creating a custom stitch is virtually the same.

Begin by selecting the icon for designing a custom stitch. This icon looks like a pencil with lines and dotted points. See below:

To create this wide blanket stitch, simply set the vertical and horizontal coordinates for the stitch following the Figure #1 through Figure #4 images shown below. Be sure to choose the single straight stitch option and touch Set after selecting each of the corresponding points required for forming the stitch.

Figure #1
Figure #2
Figure #3
Figure #4

The preview key lets you look at the stitch as you’re creating it. When you’re finished you can touch Test and try out the stitch. See Figure #5.

Figure #5

If you want to save the stitch simply touch the memory pocket. You can also change the width and length of the stitch. See Figure #6.

Figure #6

A chart for the coordinates for this stitch would look like the one in Figure #7.

Figure #7

Review your manual for more design details and have fun creating custom stitches with the exclusive Brother My Custom Stitch feature!


    • Hi Mary!

      Oh no! I don’t want you to be confused. Let me see if I can help. Try viewing all the steps while you are in front of your machine. Do one step at a time, looking at where the pointer is (the little pencil point) and touching the icon that is highlighted in blue for each picture.

      Keep in mind that each stitch you set has two coordinates, the widthwise coordinate from left to right and the lengthwise coordinate from top to bottom. In the example above zero and zero are the first width and length coordinates, then twenty is the next lengthwise coordinate and zero is the next widthwise coordinate. I used the single straight stitch option each time, so you see that highlighted on the screen. So, the basic process involves moving the pointer to match the coordinates and then touching set each time until you are finished. Figure seven is the guide to each set of coordinates for this stitch. Play with it a little and let me know how you make out, okay? I’m here to help if you need me!

  • Hi Mary! I surely don’t want you to be confused. Let me see if I can shed some light on the subject of following the illustrations. First, I recommend you sit in front of your machine, view the images one by one, and go through one step at a time. It all looks a little like a foreign language until you start to actually do the steps.

    Next realize that designing a My Custom Stitch pattern involves numbered coordinates for the stitch. The stitch pattern is made up of a widthwise coordinate shown by the left to right arrows, and a lengthwise coordinate shown by the up and down arrows. You move the pointer from left to right to match the (widthwise) number and then from top to bottom to match (lengthwise) number. Each time you touch Set, so that part of the design stops. When you get to the end of the sequence you will have formed one full stich pattern. Then you can stitch out an entire row. I suggest you play with this at the machine and don’t even try to be perfect, just play. It will make more sense when you actually create a stitch. Please let me know if you need more instruction. I’m here to help!

  • Hi Joanne, I was able to make the blanket stitch. Whooo!!! Always wanted to learn this option. More please

  • Thank you, Joanne. That’s great to know. I did it on my machine while reading your post. Worked great!

  • It’s been a while since I’ve looked at this information. There used to be some custom design stitches in HomeSewing/DesignStudio/Techniques/TutorialList and now I can’t find them. I hope you didn’t get rid of them because they were so helpful.

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