Piecing in the Hoop! A Pressing Idea!

May 20, 2019By Anna AldmonProjects, Sewing, Tutorial 2 Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

Perfecting your Piecing in the hoop block.
I love creating pieced blocks for embroidery machines! The rainbow fan block here was first created to be pieced in the hoop which was eventually used as a raffle quilt by a local quilter’s guild. I have been creating designs that include piecing in the hoop. It is like the concept of paper piecing transformed to embroidery machines. Each fabric of the pieced block needs to be pressed flat before going on to the next fabric.

One of the considerations is how best to “press” each seam as it is stitched in the hoop. For my “Anna’s Fancy Fans” design, I suggested removing the hoop from the embroidery machine, place it on an ironing surface, fold over the fabric, and then press the seam.

I then tried to “finger press” the seam while keeping the hoop on the embroidery machine, however I could not get a crisp press seam with my fingers.

Then I saw someone use a Seam Roller. This handy little tool does a wonderful job of pressing the seam flat.

The log cabin block is part of the Advent Santa design which is available from Anna’s Awesome Applique Designs. The fan block is part of “Anna’s Fancy Fans” design. The flying geese and half square triangles are part of “All About Santa” design.


  • Anna, seeing the capabilities of embroidery machines for yet another (to me) application is so exciting! I can’t wait to try your designs and use your techniques. The seam roller looks like another sewing accessory I didn’t know I need! Thanks!

    • Hi Janice
      I just love learning new helpful tips for my embroidery designs. This one was a great one in that I did not have to manage a hot small craft iron while stitching out my design. It is always interesting to become aware of yet another tool we need!
      Check out my videos on my website for more techniques I used for in the Hoop designs.

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