Quick Tip: Customize Jeans Pockets with Top-Stitching

May 27, 2017By Angela WolfEmbroidery, Sewing, Tips & Tricks No Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

When sewing designer jeans, it's always fun to customize the back pockets with top-stitching. Use embroidery stabilizer on the back of the pockets to prevent the fabric from stretching.

Looking for more Ways to Customize Jeans

Check out this post by Angela Wolf, Restyle Jeans by Embellishing with Embroidery:

Restyle Jeans by Embellishing with Embroidery

A great way to restyle jeans is to embellish with embroidery. In a previous blog post, I demonstrated embellishing jeans with free-motion embroidery, but that technique was limited to a small area. What if you want to embellish a large section of the leg or the entire leg for that matter? It’s really quite simple!

Mark the Design Placement

Start by using tailors chalk to outline the general area you want the embroidered design.photo2Be sure to click through for the rest of this post!

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