Video Sew-A-Long: Manicure Bag with Angela Wolf Pt. 1

October 14, 2016By Angela WolfSew-A-Long, Sewing 24 Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

Welcome to Stitching Sewcial’s very first Sew-A-Long!

Follow along as Angela Wolf shows us all how to make a multi-pocketed and zippered bag that she uses for her manicure supplies, perfect for travel!

Part 1 – Manicure Bag Sew-A-Long

Machine: Angela uses THE Dream Machine XV8500D to construct her bag. You will need to have a Non-stick foot, straight stitch foot and Zipper foot.
Nail Bag Sew-A-Long Materials
Pattern Pieces & Materials:
Fabric 1 (pattern fabric) – this is main piece for inside and outside of bag

  • Cut 2 – 9”X16” (this is main piece for inside and outside of bag)
  • Cut 1 – 14” x 5 ½” (for elastic pouch on side of bag)

Fabric 2 (solid color)

  • Cut 1 – 9”x8” (for outside of bag and embroidery “nails” onto top half)
  • Cut 1 – 9”x4” (for inside of bag center)


    • Cut 1 – 9” x 2”
    • Cut 2 – 9” x 4”

Fusible Fleece

    • Cut 1 – 9”x16”

Fusible Interfacing

    • Cut 1 – 9”x16”
    • Cut 1 – 9” by 4”

Elastic ¼” wide

    • Cut 1 – 9” long

Metallic Zippers

    • 1 – 18” long (or longer if you can’t find 18”)
    • 2 – 7” long

Getting Started

      • a. Choosing fabric
      • b. Preparing fabric with interfacing
      • c. Finishing outside of bag with the Triple Stitch / Stretch Stitch


Watch Video

What will you use yours for? We can’t wait to see! Be sure to show us your progress photos on Instagram, and Facebook and tag us @Brothersews #NailBagSewALong and #StitchingSewcial!






What Parts Are Live Already?
Positioning Embroidered Metallic Letters
Part 1: Pattern Pieces, Materials and Getting Started
Part 2: Prepare the Elastic Casing and Insert the Elastic
Part 3: Inserting Zippers and Working with Clear Vinyl
Part 4: Decorative Stitching
Part 5: Finishing up the Manicure Bag


  • Hi Ms Angela:
    I enjoyed the video for part one. You mentioned that you gave info about the embroidery but I was unable to find where.
    When part two is available, will we receive a email reminder?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Carol,

      We don’t currently have email reminders set up as not to overload viewers with emails in this 5-part sew-a-long.
      Posts will go live as follows:
      Part 2 will go live on October 18th at 12 Noon, EST.
      Part 3 will go live on October 21th at 12 Noon, EST.
      Part 4 will go live on October 25th at 12 Noon, EST.
      Part 5 will go live on October 28th at 12 Noon, EST.

      The post with the embroidery information may be found here: Positioning Embroidered Metallic Letters

      Please do come stop by next week for parts 2 and 3!

  • Cute bag, and it’s a great size! Especially like all the little zip pockets and compartments on the inside…and how the whole thing opens out so everything is easily accessible.
    Will you be posting cutting sizes for the fabrics and zipper sizes you used? I downloaded the PDF but didn’t find size information there.
    I especially love that you are dividing the tutorial up into short segments!

    • Hi Sherry,
      Thank you for your comment! We have updated the materials list for easy access to the pattern and zipper sizes on this main page.
      Come on back next week for part 2!!

    • Hi Terry!

      The thread is Brother Metallic Thread. 14 Amazing metallic colors, 100% polyester specialty thread, high quality, durable, shiny texture. Developed in Japan for Brother embroidery machines and compatible with other embroidery machine brands. Designed for high speed embroidery stitching, dependable thread delivery through tensions and variety of needle and stabilizer types. Maintains its thread color beauty and quality even in the most intricate designs. 300 meters (328 yards) per spool. Select colors also available in single-color thread packs (sold in a 5-Pack sleeve). For more info and a click through to a dealer near you for purchase, click here.

      Angela — what is the vinyl you used?

      Thank you!

  • When the other parts of this Sew-Along are posted, will we still be able to access part1? Will there be a PDF of the steps involved later? I’m not good at following a video and do much better with details when I have written instructions. I like the font you selected for this project, but I do not own this model embroidery machine. Is there some other way to get access to this font?

    • Hello Deborah,

      Yes! All parts of the Sew-A-Long will remain available for future reference.
      Yes! We will be posting a complete written PDF with Part 5.
      I’m not aware of another way to access this font, but let me look into it to be sure.


  • Hi Terry,
    I used Vinyl from Creative Feet – I think Claire calls it a “fabric cover ” on her site and Brother metallic thread. Thanks for joining the sew-a-long 🙂

  • Hi! I thought Part II was supposed to go live yesterday, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Any hints on where to look, or will it show up later? Thank you! Susan

  • Hello Stitching Sewcial!
    Quick question. In the supply list at the top of the page it says to cut the patterned fabric and fusible fleece 9″ x 16″, however in the video (at 1:29) it says to cut it 9″ x 13″. Help! Which one should I use?
    Thank you!!

    • Hi Heather –

      Angela advised that it is 9″ x 13″. So I have corrected it above in part one and it is now also properly written in the PDF directions that go live today! (Those have been corrected too!) Thanks so much for your keen eye!!

  • It appears to me the pattern fabric and fusible fleece should have been cut 9 x 16 instead of 9 x 13. In the videos the you can tell she had a lot more room than I do ( on the top and bottom. I am just going to add 1 1/2 inches on to both ends.

  • This is such a wonderful bag. I can’t wait to try it. Please keep these types of small travel kits and pouches coming. They are so useful and stylish for almost anything.


  • Hello! I just saw this episode on TV and I would love to do the SISTER bag with the rhinestones. Where do I get the supplies to do this? The backing/sticky topping/brush/rhinestones? I’m excited about doing this bag for my traveling friends. I love your show! Thank you!

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