BES 4 Video Tutorial: Text as Artwork

May 22, 2019By Cindy HoganBES 4, Software, Video 5 Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

Brother Sews Ambassador Cindy Hogan presents the latest BES 4 Video TutoriaL: Text as Artwork

I recently created some videos on BES 4 Power Pack 2 for Brother. I am going to highlight these videos in blog posts so you can learn to love Power Pack 2 with me.

BES4 Power Pack 2 opens the ability to use all of my text tools (with the exception of Monogram Text) in artwork mode. That means if I want spiral text created for Heat Transfer Vinyl or Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Vinyl, I have it at my fingertips without having to learn a new software program! I LOVE this! Can I say it again, I LOVE this feature! It streamlines the creating process so much. I don’t have to go multiple places to get the look that I want for Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) or Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Vinyl (PSV).

Watch the Accompanying Video to see how to work with Text in Artwork Mode.

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