Help For Hemming!

March 13, 2018By Joanne BankoDIY, Tips & Tricks, Tutorial 1 Comment Opinion by Paid Consultant

Time for another Brother Sews Quick Tip!

Create an adjustable elastic band to attach to the free arm of your machine. This simple loop of elastic with help you align you fabric edge for consistent hemming and topstitching on a wide variety of projects!

  • Wrap a piece of colored elastic around the free arm or your machine, pull it snug, and pin the ends together. See Figure #1.
Help for Hemming
Figure #1
  • Trim excess leaving approximately 1-inch for a seam allowance. See Figure #2.
Help for Hemming
Figure #2
  • Mark the stitching line with an erasable marker. See Figure #3.
Help for Hemming
Figure #3
  • Thread machine with polyester thread. Use the triple stretch stitch on the machine to sew the seam. See Figure #4.
Tip: Always use a stretch needle when sewing elastic to avoid damaging the fibers.
Help for Hemming
Figure #4
  • Next, open the seam and use a three-step zigzag to stich down the seam allowance and keep it flat. See Figure #5.
Help for Hemming
Figure #5
  • Now you can use a seam gauge to measure the distance from the needle to the edge of the elastic and simply slide it along the free arm for a variety of distances. See Figure #6.
Figure #6
  • This colorful addition is highly visible and longer that most traditional seam guides making it ideal for accurate straight line stitching on the edges such as hems, curtain headings, pant hems, and so much more! See Figure #7 for an example.
Help for Hemming
Figure #7

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  • What a fantastic idea! I teach machine sewing to students in elementary/Jr high. The biggest problem they have when they are beginning is sewing a straight line! this will help. I am going to try it with them next Wednesday. thank you for this idea!

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