VIDEO: How to make a Lettuce Edge on a Serger

July 11, 2016By Angela WolfSerger, Tips & Tricks, Tutorial 13 Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

Sergers are useful for many reasons in addition to finishing the inside edges of your seams. In this video, I will demonstrate how to make a Lettuce Edge using the 5234PRW serger. The Lettuce Edge is a great finish for a fabric with little bit of stretch. For example, I use the Lettuce Edge for a hem on my knit jackets.

The key to a successful Lettuce Edge is finding a fabric with a little bit of stretch whether it be a knit or woven fabric on the bias. The serger will be set up with either the rolled hem stitch or the narrow overlock stitch.

For lightweight fabrics such as silk chiffon, silk charmeuse, and lightweight knits I prefer starting with the rolled hem. For medium weight knits I prefer to start with the 3-thread narrow overlock stitch.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to test the stitch on a swatch of your fabric first so you can decide which one looks the best.

To get started, refer to the serger manual and set up the stitch for rolled hem or narrow overlock. Adjust the tension settings as needed.

Here are the thread tension settings for Brother sergers:

NeedleThread 4 (3 – 5) 4 (3 – 5)
Upperlooper Thread 3 (1 – 4) 4 (3 – 5)
Lowerlooper Thread 6 (5 – 7) 4 (3 – 5)

There are a few other adjustments, such as removing the stitch finger, which you will see me demonstrate in the video. Let me show you how easy it is to create a lettuce edge!

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    • Thanks for the comment Maria! Keep checking back! Angela has been in her studio working hard and I have many more sewing video tips and tutorials of hers lined up to post in the coming weeks!!

  • Great video Angela! Your precise tips are wonderful. This is indeed a fun finishing technique. Many years ago I used it on the bottom of formal interlock knit gowns made for a professional singer. She loved the fact that these garments looked special and yet the knits traveled well. It’s a good finish for circular skating skirts too!

  • Please advise as to how I can activate the video – I opened the one on the video to unmute and also have computer at 100.

  • Do not worry about responding to my comment about the volume on video. Just moved into another home and my speakers were not activated,

    • Thanks Betty! I’ve been discussing this with IT and I was trying to come up with a list of ideas. So glad you worked it out!!

    • Hi Hilloah,
      Thank you for the comment. You would put the wooly nylon in the loopers only for this technique.
      Happy Serging!

  • I so enjoy your videos demonstrating tips on how to use my wonderful Brother machines. I haven’t been using them to their potential because I don’t know what I don’t know!

    • Thanks for the comment, Deb! This is National Serger Month, so we will be posting even MORE serger content all month long!! Keep an eye out!

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