Tip: Mistake Concealing Stitch to Quilt With

December 24, 2016By Rebecca Kemp BrentTips & Tricks 3 Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

Serpentine Stitch Quilting

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  • We do not use any of the social media sites that are listed so I hope it is okay to write you on this thread even though it does not pertain to this particular subject. I saw you on a recent It’s Sew Easy program using a quilting machine that appeared to also do embroidery. The program was in the 1300 series. Was that a Brother machine? I am hoping to move into quilting after we move into our new home and am looking for a quilting machine that would be suitable for a home and not one of the full size models that have been featured on other quilting shows. Right now I sew and embroider, and have only done a few quilts on my regular sewing machines; but, really think I would enjoy quilting, too. BTW, I have enjoyed seeing your creations and the tips you give are so helpful. Thank you for them.

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