Quick Tip: Sewing Vinyl with a Non-Stick Foot

June 10, 2017By Angela WolfSewing, Tips & Tricks 3 Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

Use a "non-stitck foot to easily sew over vinyl, faux leather and plastic.

Looking for more information on the Non-Stick Foot?

Take a look at the Video Sew-A-Long: Manicure Bag with Angela Wolf.
In Part 3: Inserting Zippers and Working with Clear Vinyl, Angela takes the fear out of sewing on clear vinyl!

Non-Stick Foot

Part 3: Inserting Zippers and Working with Clear Vinyl

Welcome to Part Three of the Nail Bag Sew-A-Long!
In this lesson we’ll finish the other side of the inside of the bag. Inserting zippers onto clear vinyl and creating pouches for the nail files – even cotton balls will fit into these see-thru areas.

Supplies needed for this lesson:


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The entire Sew-A-Long is available at the following links:

Positioning Embroidered Metallic Letters
Part 1: Pattern Pieces, Materials and Getting Started
Part 2: Prepare the Elastic Casing and Insert the Elastic
Part 3: Inserting Zippers and Working with Clear Vinyl
Part 4: Decorative Stitching
Part 5: Finishing up the Manicure Bag

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  • Love your fabulous bag Angela! You used one of my all time favorite feet to stitch the vinyl. I truly think everyone should own this foot as it will come in handy for a variety of “sticky” situations.

  • I wanted to let you know that I reduced the pattern down in scale and made one for my dollhouse using fray check to stop the raveling. I used silk sewing thread for the embroidery. Now all my miniature club members want me to make them one. They are going to have to do some heavy talking!

    • Hello Saaduddin,

      WOW!! This sounds wonderful! Thank you for sharing this with us all. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d love to see a photo. Have you posted any online? What a great idea! Please do tag us at #StitchingSewcial and #BrotherSews too…and perhaps leave a note here where readers can all go take a look at your work!

      Happy Sewing,

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