VIDEO: How to Serge a Flatlock Stitch

May 3, 2017By Angela WolfSerger, Tips & Tricks, Tutorial 7 Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

Machine: Brother 5234PRW Serger (or any Brother Serger)
Accessories: Blind hem foot

A flatlock stitch is commonly used for attaching two thick layers of fabric together, where you don’t want the bulk of a thick seam. In this video I will show the stitch to attach two layers of fleece fabric. I use this same application on my fleece fishing jackets and other sportswear items.

Setting up the Serger: (tension setting will differ depending on the thickness of the fabric)

  • 3-thread wide overlock setting
  • Remove right needle
  • Left needle tension changed between 0 – 3
  • Upper looper tension changed between 2 – 5
  • Lower looper changed between 6 – 9
  • Stitch width 5mm
  • Stitch length 2 to 4mm
  • Differential feed – unchanged
  • Blind hem foot

Line up the fabric along the edge of the blind hem foot. The thread should stitch half on the fabric and half off as shown:

After stitching the seam or fold of fabric, pull the fabric straight.

The stitch is very pretty on both sides and can be used as a decorative stitch in home dec, garments, and accessories.

Watch the video for a full tutorial on serging a flatlock stitch.

Watch Video

Enjoy your fabulous flatlocked seams!


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