Flannel Shirt to Skirt

December 4, 2020By Emily ThompsonApparel, DIY, Tutorial 2 Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

I love refashioning clothes that I already own into something else. Usually it involves turning adult clothes into outfits for my kids. Today I’m going to share a fun refashioning tutorial to turn a flannel shirt into a sweet skirt. The larger the shirt, the larger the skirt you can create. This tutorial will turn a size S women’s shirt into a cute skirt for a 7 year old. If you had some men’s shirts you could create larger skirts too!

Skirt front picture

Skirt side picture

Flannel Skirt Supplies:

  • Flannel shirt (larger shirt = larger skirt)
  • Sewing machine (I used my Brother LB5000 and Serger SB 3734)
  • 1” wide elastic

Pretty cute, right? You can see that I added large front pockets, and I’ll give you the details for those as well in this tutorial. I also have to note that when I was sewing the skirt and sweater separately I thought both fabrics were red; when I put the outfit together I can see that the reds are not so red, but it works (haha)

Skirt on model

Grab a shirt and let’s start sewing.

shirt on table


Depending on the shirt pocket placement, it may be in the way. Start by picking off the shirt pocket. You can keep it and move it, or just create new pockets.


remove shirt pocket


Cut the shirt in half under the arms. This is the longest your skirt can be. If it is too long at this point, trim fabric off from the top. I kept it as is for this skirt.


cut off top of shirt


If you want to add larger pockets to the front you can cut pockets from the sleeves. Open up the sleeves and cut a square from each one for a pocket.


cut sleeves


Now you have all the parts to start putting your skirt together.




Prepare your pockets by finishing all the raw edges, then turning over and stitching a top hem. Iron back a seam allowance on the other three sides.


two pockets


Finish the raw edge top of the skirt with a serger or zig-zag. Then fold over to create a casing for your 1” elastic.


pin fabric


fold top of skirt


Sew on the edge of the fabric to create the casing. Leave a 2” opening to thread the elastic through.


sew fabric


Thread the elastic through the opening and around the casing. Overlap the edges of the elastic and sew to create a circle. (NOTE: at this point you should pin and sew on your pockets. I forgot to do this until after the elastic was in and it was harder.)


folded shirt and elastic


pin elastic


The waistband is now complete. Perfect!


Skirt Waistband


Place your pockets a few inches down from the waistband and pin on three sides to skirt.


pin on pockets


Sew the pocket on three sides to secure. I was able to use the lines on the plaid to keep my pockets straight.


sewn pockets on skirt


Enjoy your skirt and try out a few different size shirts to create skirts in different sizes.


final skirt



  • This comment is for Emily….Your pattern for making the skirt out of a flannel shirt is a game changer for me. As I was going thru your instructions to make the skirt I was totally struck when I hit the part where you cut off the top of the shirt and it leaves the skirt part. What I saw there was a game changer for me. I saw immediately something else that would fit my needs so much better than a skirt. Do you see it? It is the top of either a shirt/blouse or a dress. All you have to do is take the size of material in length and circumference you need for either a blouse top or a dress and gather it and sew it to the bottom of the shirt top. For me that will be so useful and so cute. I have some tops in my closet right now that I don’t especially like and I am going to do that with them. I will be checking my thrifty store on Wednesday for some flannel shirts so I can make me a few tops that will be just adorable. Also I will cut the sleeves to 3/4 length for my tops and dresses. I will do that no matter if it is flannel or not. Thank you for a wonderful and VER USEFUL idea!! Have a lovely, peaceful and enjoyable holiday throughout this December with your family and friends, : )

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