Video: Gathering Fabric with a Serger

April 8, 2016By Angela WolfSerger, Tutorial 11 Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant

We see gathered fabric all over the place from bed skirts and little girl’s dresses to ruffled pillows and so much more. It can be a challenge to gather the fabric evenly, but not with gathering foot on your serger! Using the serger for gathering is simple and fun!

As you will see in this tutorial, adjusting a few settings on the serger can create perfect gathers:

  • Set up your serger for 3-thread wide overlock stitch or a 4-thread overlock stitch
  • Change to the gathering foot
  • Increase the differential feed
  • Increasing the stitch length

Depending on the thickness of the fabric and the amount of gathers you want, continue adjusting the differential feed and stitch length until you are satisfied with the look.

Let me show you how easy this is!

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