Video: Unboxing the LB5000S with Angela Wolf Part 3

January 10, 2020By Angela WolfMachines, Unboxing, Video 1 Comment Opinion by Paid Consultant

Brother Sews Ambassador Angela Wolf is back with Part 3 of her Video Unboxing of the LB5000S. Here she talks about embroidery and the fun Star Wars iBroidery designs!

One Comment

  • Thank you for the video of the LB5000S. I have a LB5000 that isn’t Star Wars or Marvel but still the same. I am wondering how to combine embroidery patterns so that I can see the whole design on the screen before I layer the embroidery. Does that make sense? I want to know if the two patterns combined look good together and it would help with placement as well. I am really liking my LB5000, it just does so much but I haven’t figured out all of the ins and outs of it yet and especially the part of combining patterns in both sewing and embroidery. Thanks so much for your help, you always make such good, clear, videos.

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